Monday, July 14, 2014


  Oh the things that you learn on your mission, the experiences that you have and the things that you go through that strengthen and build your testimony!  When Monday comes I think.. How in the world am I going to tell my family all of what has happened these past 7 days. This week was a long climb and I am just ready to start a brand new one! There were so many cool things that happened and things that I was able to learn! That is one of my favorite parts about a mission...

 We received a call from the Salt Lake mission telling us about a less active that they wanted us to go see who lived in our area.. the weird thing about it all was that the previous day we had tried to go see her and she just wasn't home! We then decided that we must go back and see if she was home.. as we pulled up to this beautiful house out in the middle of no where we saw her come out. She looked at us and said.. "oh hold on!" we waited for a moment and came out and we began to talk.. she asked us how much time we had... we only had about 20 minutes and so she told us she would talk fast! She told us that she was baptized last November and started to tell us her conversion story... it was a moment that I will never forget. As she told us about the things that she had to go through my mind and thoughts were drawn back to the talk that I had read last week. " His Grace is Sufficient and how we must have the grace change us and not just save us. Her story is remarkable and I will spare you all the details... long story short though.. She was raised a member and then served a mission and was married in the temple. then she had her name removed when she was in her 30s and she hated everything about the church... she tried to pull as many people away as she could, she is a patrol officer and was in charge of a womens case who was a member. SHe told us that they would often argue about religion and one day this lady told her to just go to temple square and walk in the vistors center and to touch the back wall and then walk out then she promised that if she did that she would never argue about it anymore. (sorry I hope this is all makin sense) so she said... okay that's easy I will do it and just get out of there... as she walked in the vistors center she proceeded to touch the back of the wall and walked past the sister missionaries who just smiled and waved.. she said... it was so easy and then as I was almost out the door another set walked in and said to me.."did you find what you were looking for?" she kinda laughed in their face and said well I wasn't looking for anything.. the sister missionaries tried to engage her and she wouldn't buge.. then they asked her to just walk through and look at the pictures on the wall of Christ... so she agreed. she told us that as soon as she got to the picture of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane... she completely lost it.. she went on and on and I am going to run out of time... the point to the story is that her story is remarkable and has changed my life. SHe is a new person and I love that chance that I have to be able to work with her. To be able to see truly how the atonement works and to have this front row seat at it is remarkable. Christ lives!

Next subject... We had to move our investigators baptism date to august 23rd..which was sad but its okay because shes still on board for everything and is super thrilled. we aer working with her to quite smoking. Pray that she Lynn will stay on date and continue to progress towards baptism!

 We were also able to meet with Corbin who hopefully will be getting baptized in September. He is 9 and we are trying to reactive the whole family... the dads a little hesitant and wont sit in for the lessons we hope that he will allow his son to be baptized. Its challenging working with people who for some reason have got offened by someone.. the church is perfect... just not the people. We must lovely love EVERYONE... just has Christ would. no matter how hard it may be. It was awesome though because the kids and the mom FINALLY came to church. WAHOOOOO!! That is a good feeling when you are in sacrament wondering who is going to come and then something like that happens! I love it.

FREEEEEE SLURPEEEEEEE DAYYYYYY. the best. HAPPY 7-11. Sister Loose and I had to go get one during our lunch hour. it was the best ting ever. first slurpee in 8  months.... wow!

 last but not least.. Washington has a BAZILLION spiders. they are everywhere and the worst part is that I walk through spider webs on the door and on the staircases and sister loose just laughs at me. This week one went in my hair.. that was fun.

Church is true! love you all to pieces!

Sister Norton:)

sorry im just all over the place!


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