Monday, July 7, 2014

amurica....Happy 4th of JULY!...

 This week was so great. So many tender mercies from the Lord and so many small miracles that occurred that helped me to keep going! We were able to find 2 new investigators plus a lady that was being taught by the Elders in our neighboring ward has now moved into our ward and we will start teaching her and another awesome plus would be that she is getting baptized on July 19th! We were able to go over and meet her last night and the Elders gave her a blessing. Her name is Lynn and she has such a sweet spirit about her and is literally counting down the days for her baptism. Ohhh geeee I am really getting ahead of myself....

 Lets begin. We have been praying and praying and pleading with the Lord to help us in this area and to help us find new investigators and to start teaching more. Also to help the members in the Maltby ward help us as missionaries. MIRACLE! We received a call from a member on Monday and she told us how she has a friend who she had given a book of Mormon to and she was going over to her house to help her pit cherries and she wanted us to go so we could get to know her. hip hip hooray from members being awesome. We went over and had a wonderful time and Heather is an amazing women who goes faithfully to her church but has a lot of questions. She didn't open up that much but the cool part was after all was said and done we were about to take off and she said to Sister Loose and I. Please come back any time.. I don't mind! We are excited about that and are hoping that she will let us in:)

 Then Wednesday we had interviews with President Bonham. It dawned on me that I haven't really said that much about him. HE IS AMAZING! Such a wonderful mission president, I feel so blessed. He is so clever and witty in everything that he says. He will usually start off the interview and ask if we have anything that we want to say.. this time I had so many questions and we had a lovely interview. He has such a wonderful spirit and you just know that he has been called of God. He has to time our interviews due to all of the missionaries that he has to interview so we usually get about a 8 minute interview and when the timer goes off we have to wrap up! This time when it went off I said... "WAIT no... ONE MORE question" and he just laughed and said.. Sister Norton... I am going to pray now. he is great. Love the guy!

 Happy FOURTH OF JULY! I love the fourth so much.. and we had quite the crazy day. It was funny to be with a Canadian celebrating AMERICA! I made her where red white and blue:) We had a ward breakfast that we attended, then we visited some people and had a lesson with one of our investigators who we put on date on the fourth of July. WHAT! It was so cool. She is 16 and she's been on date before. We went to go see her on the fourth and had a lesson and she pulled out this piece of paper with her testimony written on it and told us she wanted to share it with us. SO cool. after she read it, we looked at her and said... When do you want to be baptized? We talked a little bit more and were able to set a date for her! Pray that she will stay on date!:) Im really excited about her. We had lunch with some members and then dinner and then this other barbeque with a part member family and I swear I was about to die with so much food that everyone wanted us to eat! It was worth it though... ahah. We had to be in by 7pm  We some fireworks but not many. IT WAS SO LOUD all night long. crazy Washington.

Then last but not least JEAN. she is great and her son married a member and then he got baptized and she has so many questions about the church and about what we do as missionaries. She did say the funniest thing to us.. she said.. "ya know I never used to see you missionaries but now its almost like I see you everywhere!" and I live in the basement of a MORMON. She

  is so prepared its awesome. I feel as if I had said awesome way to many times. Excuse me for being all over the place. I love missionary work and I love representing my savior Jesus Christ. I read a talk this week called His Grace is Sufficient. Everyone needs to go read it. I could go on and on about how... "awesome" it is but I don't have that much time. the gospel is so true! I love you all!

"conversion is a process, it is not an event, it is not a race... It is a way of life!"

Love, Sister Norton!

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