Monday, January 27, 2014


Haha! Washington weather is almost as strange as Utah weather. It was pretty sunny this past week and then so foggy! so weird and it most defiantly doesn't feel like winter at all. NO SNOW. so strange
Lovely. Just lovely. Hello Hello everyone! How are you all doing?!

This week. Well let's just say this week was long and seemed like it was never going to end. We are having a hard time trying to find more people to teach which can be very difficult and frustrating but I find that I really have to trust in the lord and know that people are truly being prepared to have us teach them. There were a couple of neat experiences that I would love to share that touched my heart. Let me first say a couple things and then I will get into it. We had district meeting and I gave a talk.. and SHOUT OUT to CADE aka old grasshopper for sending me that wonderful letter in the MTC.. I shared a story from his letter and everyone loved it.. and then I said.. what he told me. "keep it real, keep it simple" and that is what I live by each and every day. I LOVE the gospel and there is so much to it and I want to learn more and more each day but really its the small and simple things that truly matter. I went on exchanges this week and was left in my area all by myself so that was quite the experience! it was pretty fun though! and 3 2 1... Brother Krick! we went over to his house and had a wonderful lesson with him and finally at the end I just said "brother krick, lets get you to church" and we all just laughed and he said.. "ya know, I think I am actually going to come this week! and drum roll please... HE DID!! he calls me granddaughter and he walked into church and it was so awesome to see him all dressed up and what not. We were able to sit by him during sacrament and he just made us both smile so big! and then this week Elisabeth kept canceling on us which was very sad and we started to worry that she no longer wanted to meet with us and we couldn't get a hold of her or anything and then all of a sudden on Sunday we see her and her daughter walk right into church and sit on the second row. TENDER MERCY for sure. and we have a lesson with her tonight! yay! I pray that she will continue to progress as well as her daughter. Sorry I am sorta scattered all over the place and I don't have much to share. We did have another very spiritual experience with another less active member who finally opened up to us and told us everything that she had been going through and at the end I asked her to say the closing prayer in Spanish and she looked at me very shocked and said "well sisters you wont even be able to understand" and I thought.. DANG! shes so right... I don't know any Spanish and I am so lame.. but I said hahah we don't care.. and so she did.. and BOOM! spirit was totally there... tears in the room and she said.. I know I need to come to church.. WAHOOOO! so awesome.. I mean bummer that I could only pick out a few words because my Spanish is ummmm how do you say... ocho... babahaha that's 8 but I mean I don't know any but man you could feel the spirit in that room when she said her prayer. Props to all the people who know Spanish... its beautiful... Tash and Dad.. you guys rock! That's pretty much it ladies and gentlemen. Life is good. I love the gospel and I know this church is true. We attended a youth fireside last night and spoke at it and the youth are so awesome! I love them and they are the best little member missionaries ever. I LOVE YOU ALL!! I want to end with a scripture...
Alma 19:16-17
16 And it came to pass that they did call on the name of the Lord, in their might, even until they had all fallen to the earth, save it were one of the Lamanitish awomen, whose name was Abish, she having been converted unto the Lord for many years, on account of a remarkable vision of her father—
17 Thus, having been converted to the Lord, and never having made it aknown, therefore, when she saw that all the servants of Lamoni had bfallen to the earth, and also her mistress, the queen, and the king, and Ammon lay cprostrate upon the earth, she knew that it was the power of God; and supposing that this opportunity, by making known unto the people what had happened among them, that by beholding this scene it would dcause them to believe in the power of God, therefore she ran forth from house to house, making it known unto the people.
hello abish is such an awesome SISTER MISSIONARY and i want to be just like her.. in running from house to house sharing the gospel.
love your dearest Sister Norton:) 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Finding in the fog :)

I knitted a scarf last week with my arms... it was so great! and ummm GO SEAHAWKS... hahah last night the whole town went crazy and everyone and their moms scream and yell.. people and their football its funny! Hopefully they win the Superbowl so that way people will talk to us and be super happy!
The rain is gone and the fog has come.... the fog here is crazy and so thick I literally feel like I am either in the movie Twilight all the time.. or that I am stuck in a cloud its great! and ummmm we are perfectly safe so don't you worry about anything! Walking and biking around is always so much fun, gotta love it!
   Lets see where oh where do I even begin... this Tuesday we had scheduled to have dinner with this family and Sister Fishburn and I don't really get along with this family and the dad never talks with us and we were just being sorta selfish and complaining and didn't want to go and yada yada yada... but! Heavenly Father defiantly and almost literally slapped me in the face, because it was one of the best and most spiritual dinners I think I have ever had so far. I felt so bad for having been so dumb about not wanting to go, long story short the mom shared with us some of her neat missionary moments and how she is sharing the gospel with her friend and then the dad who NEVER talks to us finally opened up and shared with us about how his conversion to the gospel and how he was baptized four years ago.. and that its hard because his parents don't like him because of what he did. We sat there and just listened and the spirit in that house was so strong and everyone could feel it. Its moments like those where you realize that everything is okay no matter how hard your day has been or whatever.
   moving on... we had a lesson with Elisabeth that was very dense and we talked about a lot and reviewed some things that may have confused her in Relief Society and that was good. but the lesson was a lot for her to take in and she talked to us about some of the concerns that she might have and then we bore our testimonies to her and she looked right at us and said "ya know.. there is something different about your church.. and I feel very different when I pray" BOOM hello that's the holy ghost. Its so rewarding to see people start to change.. I love it and she is probably one of the most humble women I know.. she has been through so much and yet she still tells us that she is so grateful for everything in her life.. we really hope and pray that she will continue to progress!
  WOW. Then here we go.. Wednesday I was thinking about Grandpa Johnson and people were going through the temple for him and I just really was brought back to where I was one year ago when dad told me the news and how dad engulfed me in his arms and I thought about that and felt the Saviors love and then we get this family. Brother Krick who reminds me a little bit of grandpa.. yeah his birthday was on Wednesday.. NO LIE and we went over to his house and he let us in and he talked with him and I felt so blessed to be with him on that day... I know it was a big blessing from the Lord and then I sang to him my solo version of Happy Birthday.. ya know BOOM BOOM BOOM happy birthday happy happy birthday this is your day so have a lot of fun! ya it was pretty fun! that was just a neat experience
    Then we went and did some service for a lady in the elders area and it was the funniest thing ever because Elder Valora who is from Idaho thought it would be a really good idea to go on this ladder that looked like it could break and he decided to put this fake tree up on some plywood in the garage anyways long story short he got up there and was struggling and I had to help because I was the only one tall enough and he started to fall back and I didn't know what to do  so I yelled... "UM CAN I TOUCH HIM?, I'M GOING TO TOUCH HIM" and Fishburn was laughing and I had to help him so he didn't fall... so awkward but so funny and this lady is so funny she isn't a member but we helped her clean her house and it was the definition of ORGANIZED CHAOS.
  The work is going slow but things will hopefully speed up soon! we met with this lady who her husband is a member but hasn't been to church in a very long time and she said we could come back so hopefully that will give us the opportunity to start teaching more!
 Lastly I want to leave you all with the song master the tempest is raging... I was reading this hymn and it brought me so much peace and I love it very much and it just lets me know that the Lord never leaves us alone and that he is always there for us no matter what. My faith is in the lord and I rely on him and I know he is real and I know that god lives. I know that this gospel has truly been restored and I know that it can change lives! I love you all to the MOON and BACK. thanks for everything and I am proud to be a Norton!
P.S... I get made fun of for having a Utah accent and my wml calls me Sister Noron... yeah so funny..
P.P.S sister fishburn talks in her sleep.. its too good!
LOVE Sister Norton:)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rain? What rain?

 Hello anyone and everyone...
    I just looked at the blog.. so cute! thanks to everyone who puts in the effort to put that together for me..I really appreciate it! You guys are the best. Life is good.
   RAIN. Washington Rain is not like Utah at all.. way sad. but that's okay! I'm pretty sure it has rained every day for the past week... but its not a down pour.. hahah actually its only a down pour when we are outside which is so fun and I'm so grateful for the most stylish boggs/boots in the whole world.. but really they are a little tight but they sure do keep my feet warm! We are always wet no matter what and you just get used to it. Gotta love the rain I guess!
   SO some things to update everyone on.. lets see where oh where do I even begin... This week we had a super awesome lesson with Sam and Andy and it was very powerful and the spirit was there and we could see that they stared changing their ways and it almost seemed like they had a change of heart! I asked them about how they found faith in Christ and it was cool to hear their experiences we watched "the Restoration" and after that it was silent and the spirit in the room was SO THICK.. anyone could feel it... Then sadly we asked if they would read and pray to know if the book of Mormon is true and they just looked at us and said... no we don't really believe that it could be true. bummmmmmerr... crash and burn then all I wanted to do was cry but I was so frustrated at the same time. and then all we could do was bear our testimonies and we left.. way said but they will still be in our prayers.
  ELISABETH and ABBY. I love her so much and she is progressing so much in the gospel and it is truly such an amazing experience to watch her through this process... we have asked her to be baptized but she just hasn't quite said yes yet... shes coming to church, she loves the ward and now we just need to get her to start reading the Book of Mormon and show her that it is something that is important and it can bless her life. I love the Book of Mormon.. I learn from it every day.. and I know it is true! SO please keep her in your prayers! We will be working with her this week.. as for that we really need to find some more people in this area.. its hard but its good!
   We had a ward potluck on Friday especially for the missionaries in the ward and it was for less actives and nonmembers and it actually turned out to be a lot better than we thought it would! Kirsten Finley who is a non member came with her daughter and we chatted with her and she was trying to guess our names and then she said well could it be "ALEXA" AHHHH crazy.. and then her friend turned to her and said... oh No now you have to start taking the discussions hahah it was pretty funny but hopefully something will happen with her..and then Bro Melton had us play the thimble game and it was pretty funny and he totally nailed this little boy in the face with water... and everyone laughed and laughed and he almost started to cry... but then it was his turn to do it to someone. The POTLUCK was a big success! yayay! Oh and goooooo Seahawks... Man I hate football... hahahnot really but there is this man that we are trying to teach and we called him this past week and he read us the promise that is in the Book of Mormon and said... well sisters I think I might do that it seems like a pretty good idea... and then he said.. but you may just have to wait until after football season. AHHHH! and  we were out and about on Saturday and it was pouring rain and it was the big game and we could literally walk past a house and hear people yelling because of the game.. crazy stuff!
   One last thing we had church yesterday at 3! YUCK it was because of meetings and what not but it was such a awesome meeting.. one man spoke about the priesthood and the power behind it and then he said this cute little line about his wife... "her beauty was not only skin deep" BAM cutest thing ever and everyone was crying.. cause he was crying..
Elisabeth came to church again! YAY and she stayed for all 3 hours and the lesson in Relief Society was so wonderful. I was about how we really matter to our Heavenly Father and that we really does love us so much! She was smiling so much and it was so tender to watch her just listen as she felt the spirit. anyways... the area is hard and we pray everyday that we will be able to find more people. I am grateful to have Sister Fishburn as my companion.. what a blessing! and that is so crazy that the Singleys know the Fishburns.. HOW WEIRD!
 I love this scripture
Isaiah 41:10
10 ¶aFear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am t
hy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
the lord is my strength! good things are about to come... I hope! I love you so much and I am so grateful for everything in life.
love Sister Norton!:)

Monday, January 6, 2014

2 Months? What!!

   Sooooooo. HAPPY NEW YEAR huh?! that's crazy that it is a new year... We had to be in by 6 and then we all just went to bed so nothing super exciting happened.. I mean I wrote letters and we all just hung out... then everyone in our neighborhood went crazy at midnight so that was good.. and we didn't really sleep much that night. I am just so glad that all the Holidays are finally OVER let me tell you... FINALLY!! New Years resolutions... um become a better missionary of course and devote myself to Christ and to have more faith to find people... this area is rough and its been tracted a ton. but that's okay because we are not going to give up! I love this scripture and it gives me so much hope...
 ALMA 26:27-31
27 Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to aturn back, behold, the Lord bcomforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with cpatience thine dafflictions, and I will give unto you success. 28 And now behold, we have come, and been forth amongst them; and we have been patient in our sufferings, and we have suffered every privation; yea, we have traveled from house to house, relying upon the mercies of the world—not upon the mercies of the world alone but upon the mercies of God.
 29 And we have entered into their houses and taught them, and we have taught them in their streets; yea, and we have taught them upon their hills; and we have also entered into their temples and their asynagogues and taught them; and we have been cast out, and mocked, and spit upon, and smote upon our cheeks; and we have been bstoned, and taken and bound with cstrong cords, and cast into prison; and through the power and wisdom of God we have been delivered again.
 30 And we have suffered all manner of afflictions, and all this, that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul; and we supposed that our ajoy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some.
 31 Now behold, we can look forth and see the afruits of our labors; and are they few? I say unto you, Nay, they are bmany; yea, and we can witness of their sincerity, because of their love towards their
brethren and also towards us.

I know I know its super long but I love the example that these missionaries set for us. I KNOW the work will progress in this area.. good things are about to happen with the new year!
Funny story.... We had a lesson a little bit ago that I forgot to mention I think.. and the male investigator hugged us and it was probably the worlds most awkward thing! ahhhh I was so weird out and it was just super funny and now we just look back and laugh about it. another funny story so the MELTONS are the worlds best people. I love them brother Melton is our WML and I just love him and his wife so much! They are like our second family here and they are the greatest... we had dinner with them and there son who was home over the holidays who served a mission in Brazil and he was telling us funny stories and then he said he had to get mad at some elders because "they hadn't baptized in WEEKS" haahh our mouths dropped and Brother Melton said its okay sisters Washington in very different... that was just funny.. state side missions are so different... but hey its doesn't matter because we are all doing the Lords Work! and then we were helping a member paint her house the other day and her 4 year old daughter stepped right into the paint and paint was everywhere and the mom picked her right up and started painting with her daughters foot... funniest thing ever...
  Thanks for keeping us in all of your prayers we really appreciate it! I love you all so much and I love being a Norton... I love being able to wake up each day and put on my name tag and represent Christ what a blessing...I still have so much to learn and I do EVERY single day! I still cant believe I am away from home... me the baby Norton doesn't live at home... how weird is that!?
CHURCH!! happy day.. Elisabeth and her daughter Abby were able to come and Elisabeth has been super sick and she just came for sacrament but we were then able to have Brother Melton give her a blessing and it was such a neat experience. LOVED IT! and then Kirsten Finley who is a non member who is a potential investigator invited us over to her home to visit and what not and we got to share why we were serving missions and it was another neat experience.. oh and then there was another Investigator who is moving out of our area but she came to church on Sunday and we had a lesson in relief society about hastening the work and all about how members can be super awesome missionaries and at first I felt so awkward for her but then she said "I just want to let you guys know that you ALL GLOW and there is just something about you that people are interested in so KEEP it UP" I felt so much more calmer when she said that and all the ladies started crying,... it was very cute..
Thanks for spending money and mailing me so many things I really am so grateful! I love You all so much and I love the gospel and everything about it. I hope things start to get better here in the LAKE STEVENS AREA. I know that this church is true I know the gospel changes lives and I know that we are all of God's children and that he loves each and everyone of us very much. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and everything that he did in restoring this gospel.. he is truly amazing... I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND I am so grateful to have you all in my life.. thanks for everything that you do!
love your dearest Sister Norton:)