Monday, January 13, 2014

Rain? What rain?

 Hello anyone and everyone...
    I just looked at the blog.. so cute! thanks to everyone who puts in the effort to put that together for me..I really appreciate it! You guys are the best. Life is good.
   RAIN. Washington Rain is not like Utah at all.. way sad. but that's okay! I'm pretty sure it has rained every day for the past week... but its not a down pour.. hahah actually its only a down pour when we are outside which is so fun and I'm so grateful for the most stylish boggs/boots in the whole world.. but really they are a little tight but they sure do keep my feet warm! We are always wet no matter what and you just get used to it. Gotta love the rain I guess!
   SO some things to update everyone on.. lets see where oh where do I even begin... This week we had a super awesome lesson with Sam and Andy and it was very powerful and the spirit was there and we could see that they stared changing their ways and it almost seemed like they had a change of heart! I asked them about how they found faith in Christ and it was cool to hear their experiences we watched "the Restoration" and after that it was silent and the spirit in the room was SO THICK.. anyone could feel it... Then sadly we asked if they would read and pray to know if the book of Mormon is true and they just looked at us and said... no we don't really believe that it could be true. bummmmmmerr... crash and burn then all I wanted to do was cry but I was so frustrated at the same time. and then all we could do was bear our testimonies and we left.. way said but they will still be in our prayers.
  ELISABETH and ABBY. I love her so much and she is progressing so much in the gospel and it is truly such an amazing experience to watch her through this process... we have asked her to be baptized but she just hasn't quite said yes yet... shes coming to church, she loves the ward and now we just need to get her to start reading the Book of Mormon and show her that it is something that is important and it can bless her life. I love the Book of Mormon.. I learn from it every day.. and I know it is true! SO please keep her in your prayers! We will be working with her this week.. as for that we really need to find some more people in this area.. its hard but its good!
   We had a ward potluck on Friday especially for the missionaries in the ward and it was for less actives and nonmembers and it actually turned out to be a lot better than we thought it would! Kirsten Finley who is a non member came with her daughter and we chatted with her and she was trying to guess our names and then she said well could it be "ALEXA" AHHHH crazy.. and then her friend turned to her and said... oh No now you have to start taking the discussions hahah it was pretty funny but hopefully something will happen with her..and then Bro Melton had us play the thimble game and it was pretty funny and he totally nailed this little boy in the face with water... and everyone laughed and laughed and he almost started to cry... but then it was his turn to do it to someone. The POTLUCK was a big success! yayay! Oh and goooooo Seahawks... Man I hate football... hahahnot really but there is this man that we are trying to teach and we called him this past week and he read us the promise that is in the Book of Mormon and said... well sisters I think I might do that it seems like a pretty good idea... and then he said.. but you may just have to wait until after football season. AHHHH! and  we were out and about on Saturday and it was pouring rain and it was the big game and we could literally walk past a house and hear people yelling because of the game.. crazy stuff!
   One last thing we had church yesterday at 3! YUCK it was because of meetings and what not but it was such a awesome meeting.. one man spoke about the priesthood and the power behind it and then he said this cute little line about his wife... "her beauty was not only skin deep" BAM cutest thing ever and everyone was crying.. cause he was crying..
Elisabeth came to church again! YAY and she stayed for all 3 hours and the lesson in Relief Society was so wonderful. I was about how we really matter to our Heavenly Father and that we really does love us so much! She was smiling so much and it was so tender to watch her just listen as she felt the spirit. anyways... the area is hard and we pray everyday that we will be able to find more people. I am grateful to have Sister Fishburn as my companion.. what a blessing! and that is so crazy that the Singleys know the Fishburns.. HOW WEIRD!
 I love this scripture
Isaiah 41:10
10 ¶aFear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am t
hy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
the lord is my strength! good things are about to come... I hope! I love you so much and I am so grateful for everything in life.
love Sister Norton!:)

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