Monday, January 20, 2014

Finding in the fog :)

I knitted a scarf last week with my arms... it was so great! and ummm GO SEAHAWKS... hahah last night the whole town went crazy and everyone and their moms scream and yell.. people and their football its funny! Hopefully they win the Superbowl so that way people will talk to us and be super happy!
The rain is gone and the fog has come.... the fog here is crazy and so thick I literally feel like I am either in the movie Twilight all the time.. or that I am stuck in a cloud its great! and ummmm we are perfectly safe so don't you worry about anything! Walking and biking around is always so much fun, gotta love it!
   Lets see where oh where do I even begin... this Tuesday we had scheduled to have dinner with this family and Sister Fishburn and I don't really get along with this family and the dad never talks with us and we were just being sorta selfish and complaining and didn't want to go and yada yada yada... but! Heavenly Father defiantly and almost literally slapped me in the face, because it was one of the best and most spiritual dinners I think I have ever had so far. I felt so bad for having been so dumb about not wanting to go, long story short the mom shared with us some of her neat missionary moments and how she is sharing the gospel with her friend and then the dad who NEVER talks to us finally opened up and shared with us about how his conversion to the gospel and how he was baptized four years ago.. and that its hard because his parents don't like him because of what he did. We sat there and just listened and the spirit in that house was so strong and everyone could feel it. Its moments like those where you realize that everything is okay no matter how hard your day has been or whatever.
   moving on... we had a lesson with Elisabeth that was very dense and we talked about a lot and reviewed some things that may have confused her in Relief Society and that was good. but the lesson was a lot for her to take in and she talked to us about some of the concerns that she might have and then we bore our testimonies to her and she looked right at us and said "ya know.. there is something different about your church.. and I feel very different when I pray" BOOM hello that's the holy ghost. Its so rewarding to see people start to change.. I love it and she is probably one of the most humble women I know.. she has been through so much and yet she still tells us that she is so grateful for everything in her life.. we really hope and pray that she will continue to progress!
  WOW. Then here we go.. Wednesday I was thinking about Grandpa Johnson and people were going through the temple for him and I just really was brought back to where I was one year ago when dad told me the news and how dad engulfed me in his arms and I thought about that and felt the Saviors love and then we get this family. Brother Krick who reminds me a little bit of grandpa.. yeah his birthday was on Wednesday.. NO LIE and we went over to his house and he let us in and he talked with him and I felt so blessed to be with him on that day... I know it was a big blessing from the Lord and then I sang to him my solo version of Happy Birthday.. ya know BOOM BOOM BOOM happy birthday happy happy birthday this is your day so have a lot of fun! ya it was pretty fun! that was just a neat experience
    Then we went and did some service for a lady in the elders area and it was the funniest thing ever because Elder Valora who is from Idaho thought it would be a really good idea to go on this ladder that looked like it could break and he decided to put this fake tree up on some plywood in the garage anyways long story short he got up there and was struggling and I had to help because I was the only one tall enough and he started to fall back and I didn't know what to do  so I yelled... "UM CAN I TOUCH HIM?, I'M GOING TO TOUCH HIM" and Fishburn was laughing and I had to help him so he didn't fall... so awkward but so funny and this lady is so funny she isn't a member but we helped her clean her house and it was the definition of ORGANIZED CHAOS.
  The work is going slow but things will hopefully speed up soon! we met with this lady who her husband is a member but hasn't been to church in a very long time and she said we could come back so hopefully that will give us the opportunity to start teaching more!
 Lastly I want to leave you all with the song master the tempest is raging... I was reading this hymn and it brought me so much peace and I love it very much and it just lets me know that the Lord never leaves us alone and that he is always there for us no matter what. My faith is in the lord and I rely on him and I know he is real and I know that god lives. I know that this gospel has truly been restored and I know that it can change lives! I love you all to the MOON and BACK. thanks for everything and I am proud to be a Norton!
P.S... I get made fun of for having a Utah accent and my wml calls me Sister Noron... yeah so funny..
P.P.S sister fishburn talks in her sleep.. its too good!
LOVE Sister Norton:)

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