Monday, October 13, 2014

miracle after miracle after miracle and.... transfers :(

soooooooooooooo saddddddddddddd. Tomorrow Sister Davis and I will have to say goodbye to each other. ROUGH. She is going to be getting transferred and  I will be staying. Saying goodbye to companions. Yeah.... it's not the funnest thing but it does create new opportunities and windows for you to grow. Like anything... It will be a "character building experience" just as mom would say.

  ENOUGH of that. On to the great, amazing, eventful, powerful, spiritual, exhausting week that we were able to have as our last week of companions. It has seemed to us that as we have continued to pray for Heavenly Father to pour out his spirit here and to have our faith in Jesus Christ increase.. IT HAS and we have seen blessing after blessing and miracle after miracle whether they be large or small. God has a plan for us and for the people that we talk to, and we have also been working on developing more and more charity for Gods children:) I love the people here and I want to do all that i can to help them know what it is that we have to share. This work is hard but so LOVEABLE. 

 Layla. Such an awesome experience. We have seen so much happening with her and it is interesting to see that when someone is seeking for righteousness that Satan tries his hardest to pull them the opposite way. We were able to FINALLY teach her the word of wisdom which we had been a little worried about, but just before we brought it up she randomly said to us... Now.. I just want to let you guys know that i want to stop smoking. WHAT!? mind blown. We then taught her and she told us that she is going to quit but she really needs our help. TODAY is her day and i know that she will be able to do it with the Lords help. She has such a desire to know truth and that is where it all starts. DESIRE. we have to find those who have the desire to know. 

 Jennifer Michehls baptism. What a wonderful joyous day that it was this Saturday and Sunday Jennifer got baptized!! Wahooo. it was so great. She was so ready and the ward was so supportive and so on top of things. It was a spiritual experience for anyone that was there. I did want to share one thing. all we were worried about was the water being cold for her. We didn't want that to happen. Welllllll Brothers and Sisters. We failed. As she was walking into the font she looked up and said.. "OH its CHILLY" dang! but she did it. and after she came out of the water i swear i have never seen someone so happy in my life. Her face immediately was glowing and she had the worlds biggest smile and she looked totally and completely clean. She is just at the beginning of her wonderful journey and can't wait to go to the temple in one year.:) 

 MIRACLE. We were able to find a member who hasn't been to church in a while and his 2 sons who are 11 and 9 aren't members. BUT they came to church this week and it was great! WE are so excited for them and will be meeting with them SOON. 

I just want to end with saying how truly grateful i am for the love and support that i feel. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I know that we are loved no matter what weve done or who we are. Gods love is always there for us. I know that god hears and answers our prayers... but we really do need to listen and that takes work. We must have the desire. 

Love sister norton 

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