Monday, May 11, 2015

18 Months! Did this really just happen?

And it shall come to pass.... that the end really happens.

I am so full of every single emotion at the moment, so for starts I will just talk about the week and then go from there.

1.Exercise VIDEO.
 One time my mission Presidents wife asked me and my companion to be in the Everett Washington mission workout video. hahaha it was the best thing ever.

2. MIA investigator is FOUND.
yes yes yes. FINALLY. we were able to get in contact with Kennedy and he had been super sick, and is now hopefully getting back on track with everything.

3. VERONICA!! (picture attached)
She is one of our investigators and she has been sick for about 3 weeks. We found out that she had tuberculosis! WHAT in the WORLD. So here's what happened. we quickly called our bishop so we could get him down to Seattle, because well Seattle is out of our mission.. darn. but our bishop went and was able to give her a blessing. right after they left, she apparently got right up, started eating food, and was able to go to the bathroom. The priesthood power is real. then Sunday came and I was turning around during sacrament to look for some people and I saw her.. we smiled at each other.. and then we stared.. and then it hit me.. OH MY! VERONICA IS AT CHURCH. SHES ALIVE.. then she and I both started to laugh and I turned around and began to cry and laugh all at the same time.. it was too amazing.!:)

SO, there is so much more to write.. but here we go. I'll tell you guys everything super soon.. I guess!

There is a scripture that describes how I am feeling almost exactly.

Alma 26:16
Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel.

I feel so blessed, so lucky, and so grateful. Deciding to serve a mission has not only been the best thing ever but it has been the best thing for me. I have been able to see how life really is. To think that I wouldn't have served a mission at this time in my life or been able to come to Washington to make so many new friends makes me sick. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I have come to learn through experience that the Lord allows us to go through hard things only to make us that much stronger. We are meant to be refined! and I really hope that I have been able to do that. Everything we do is centered on us becoming. we are meant to become!

Throughout the past 18 months I have talked to a bazillion people (or that's the way I feel), read the book of Mormon at least 3 times, rode my bike in the pouring rain, been accepted and rejected, seen so many peoples lives change, come to understand what the word charity actually means, and PATIENCE, gained an understanding of what it actually means to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter

Day Saints, been able to laugh, and cry, learned to love the rain and really love the liquid sunshine, gained so many more family and friends that its crazy to even count, found out who I really was, rode a ferry a couple of times, walked around BOEING.. did you know Disneyland could fit inside..yeah its that big. and so much more. My heart is so full. I have loved serving the Lord FULL time. I love the purpose that I have had as a missionary. It is the best feeling in the world to know my purpose. I represent Jesus Christ. 

 There are so many things that I have learned, and I cant believe that it comes to an end. I am in love with this work. a mission for anyone is very personal and very sacred. I feel lucky.

I love this gospel. My testimony has been strengthen in so many ways. There is a common phrase that I have listened to and heard throughout my whole life.. and I have even repeated it and I know that I said it many times as a little girl. "I know the Church is true" There are so many things that follow that tiny little statement. When I say that I actually mean it. I know for myself that God is real. that I really am a child of god and that he really is my loving Heavenly Father. I know for myself that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he has made salvation possible, he knows us and he knows what we go through. I have been able to rely on him when I felt like I couldn't go any longer. A mission is work, and it is hard but you gain a better understanding of the atonement, and although I don't understand it fully I know it is real. I know that he is the savior of the world and that when we think no one understands what we are going through.. he does. HE really does. and he will never leave us alone. The only time the atonement fails is when we fail to use it. I know for myself that the Book of Mormon is true. it really is another testament of Jesus Christ and because it is true and real scripture I believe that Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. HE was called as a prophet of God and he was able to restore the gospel because it needed to be. MY testimony is personal but it is also real.
Lunch with Sister Bonham and my comp. Sister Dalley 
I love you all. and hey. guess what

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