Thursday, November 14, 2013

1st and only Pday at the MTC

Hello Hello Norton Family!!
       Today is the wonderful day of P-day and I am loving it. So i have absolutely no idea where I can even begin. It seems to me like all the days are mixing up and I honestly cant keep them straight anymore. Yikes. My mind feels like it is going 100 hundred miles an hour mostly because there are so many mind blowing moments that I have experienced. The SPIRIT is such a wonderful thing and I love love love serving the lord! 

Okay lets do this Y'allllll

      Day one in the MTC. Complete and total blurrrrrr. I was doing way to many things at once and to be quite honest i cant really remember it. I felt like I was literally in a boot camp and EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE had the BIGGEST smile on their face. We learned about how missionaries are set apart from the world which is so true and I love that feeling. I mean guess what fam. I don't really miss my phone all that much or as much as I thought that I would. By the way this is crappy cause i really gotta hurry oh so fast! We talked about how when you are a missionary it may seem like ETERNITY but it really does go by so fast. SAY what. I has already been a WEEK. I leave for EVERETT WASHINGTON on Tuesday at 3:30 am. Yes that's right you heard me. 3:30. WHO ever wants me to call them around 5 in the morning Dear Elder me your phone number and i can see what i can do. Okay?! i am going to be all over the place so yaaaa deal with it. DING!! "the Most important of the lords work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home. Man i just love you guys and i really cant thank you enough for being so awesome and supporting me on my mission. SO THANKS!!! we watched a fireside by Elder Holland and he talked about how you have to let god change you and YOU must be YOUR first  convert before you can convert anyone else. TRUE THAT! MY heart is so full. I have been learning so so much and it hurts but in a good way. I fell like i honestly knew nothing about the gospel . I mean I still don't but its coming. POWER IN THE PAUSE I LOVE IT . I have 2 companions and they are kind of different but i mean i love them so much we are seriously like a little family. The elders in my district are sort of goofy but i love them as well. One elder actually went home today because of his depression and me and my companions balled our eyes out. And it was very hard for my companions because they both suffer from depression. But Keep Elder Layton in your prayers. Missionary work ain't easy but it really is so rewarding and i love Jesus Christ and everything he did for you and for me! Can you feel how much he loves us. He loves us way to much its ridiculous. true learning means to change. I have to change in order to learn. I AM SISTER NORTON. i ain't Alexa. slash sometimes i miss my name. SO on Sunday we had music and the spoken word and it honored Veterans and of course all i could think of was Grandpa and i love him so much and i know that he is doing alright and that he is watching over me. I could honestly feel it. And hear him saying to me... "Alexa BE TOUGH you can do this" i love him. and i know that i will see him again. tears literally filled my eyes and my companions didn't know what to do with me except hug me. I just felt the spirit so strongly in that very moment. 

LIFE IS GOOD though. and day by day it is getting better. I play dynamite at gym and i love it!!! oh and some random elder got his wisdom teeth out and it was the funniest thing ever. P.S the food is killing me. Sister Wright is in my Zone and we wish we were companions. We get along so well and all we do together is just laugh. Its the best thing in the world! THANKS FOR JUST EVERYTHING. the package made me grin from ear to ear. Literally my district was so confused. i am going to try to send some pictures. so hopefully that works. there is so much to say and just so little time. SORRY!! 

CHURCH IS TRUE. LIVE IT AND LOVE IT FAM!! Keep me in your prayers please and thank you!!!
also turn out when you would usually turn in. It helps me and i know it will help our family. I love you guys


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