Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving/Elder Bednar



Date: November 28, 2013
Area: Lake Stevens, Washington
Companion: Sister Fishburn

Happy Thanksgiving from Sister Norton & Sister Wright

Hello Hello Norton Posey what is up!? HOW are the orange rolls? I was telling my companion how it is such a big deal in our family and what not. Dad!! I LOVED YOUR EMAIL thanks so much for it. Well I LOVEEE everyones email. They are such wonderful blessings and they make me HAPPY FOR DAYS! I only have about 30 more minutes and I want to be able to reply to everyones email and so Im going to try to hurry and make this one straight to the point.

I am so grateful for everything in my life. Literally everything. It's insane. I love my life and I mean even though everyone slams the door on me and says they aren't interested I am learning that when I stay positive everything works out. I feel so blessed to have a companion that is just like me but is also just like Erika, Tash, and Kenz all put into one. Its werid and I love it.


Hmmmmmm okay well I am not really sure where I can start so ill just start. He's awesome. also I hate but I love how you guys know everything about my mission. If that makes sense? I was so excited to surprise you and tell YOU about BEDNAR but uhhhhh you already knew. Lame!!!


 I'm just going to tell you what we told us and what not. he's awesome and we talked a lot about how its very important to take notes that you are inspired to take. and how you do not convert other people. the spirit does.

well here are just some key points

-open your mouth! it will be filled


-conclusion not an explanation= revelation

- after you were baptized you gave up your agency.... uhhh ITS NOT ABOUT YOU! (yikes)

-take them to the next level

-God is the creator

-we learned that It is important to be still and slow down and let the holy ghost teach you

-we've never been in control.. control is an illusion of the natural man.. dad will probably love that

I mean I know that I love that!

babahahahah then he talked about marriage. and it was funny he told us that.....

"a marriage is not something you find or fall into.. YOU CREATE IT!! so Tash and Erika... I hope that's what you are doing.. (insert smearky face)

you create a happy marriage you don't find it.

oh there was just so much. we learned about the conduit. and yeah some pretty deep stuff that was super awesome!

family. I love you so much and I think about you everyday. Elder Bednar told us that it is okay to think back about home as long as you come back to your mission. and that's exactly what I do and it makes things great!

HAPPPY THANKSGIVING!  I am grateful for the gospel and I can truly see that It really does bless families!

love Sister Norton:)

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