Monday, November 25, 2013

Lake Stevens!

Hello hello!!!
SO today is sadly not a real p-day because its
Thanksgiving on Thursday so that is when we will be celebrating P-day! but I have one short hour on the computer today so be sure to send my love to everyone that I don't get the chance to reply back to and tell them that I will get to them on Thursday.. I just don't have much time and I want to try to share a lot with you. I wish you guys could be flies on the wall. anyways let me share as much as I can in 30 minutes
OFF THE PLANE!!! we got off the plane and all I could think of was how gorgeous everything was. Really though when people say its GREEN they really mean it its GREEN!!! oh and can I say it's freezing, its so cold and I m not used to this kind of cold so its sort crazy but I love it. We drove about a hour from Seattle to our mission home where we all sat around and they told us we could actually take a nap in the church and that is exactly what I did. I fell right asleep on the floor. right by sister wright, we were there all day waiting for our companions. SO after 5 or 6 hours we finally were assigned our TRAINERS. I saw sister Cromar and we chatted and it made me feel so awesome. I love her. Then they brought all the new missionaries in the chapel had us sit on one side and had all the trainers sit on another, then sister wright and I almost started to cry because we realized that we would no longer be able to see each other every day. Bummer.. so after everyone received their new trainer is was down to me sister Goode, and then sister Cromer and another trainer... I was thinking to myself holy smokes Sister Cromer may be my trainer.. but sadly she was not.. sorry for the let down. anyway I received my trainer and her name is Sister Fishburn and she is so awesome. I love her so much! then She told my right when I met her.."oh yeah we live in a "mansion" and we 4 pack it with two other sisters.... drum roll please.. SISTER WRIGHT and Sister Ma'ake, I live with sister wright. its the best!!!!  I love it oh and guess what family. Me. I am on a bike in the winter.. I ride a bike all day long and its great! I love it. You would be surprised I'm not even kidding. Its crazy
Day 2 and the first day in the field we tracked and I was so nervous but the first door we knocked on the lady told us we were wasting our money and her time.. I wanted to cry and Sister Fishburn looked at me and laughed. It was way funny. She's the best I love her. She teaches me so much and is so patient with me. I feel so lucky. then that night we went to go meet one of our investigators who's name is Elisabeth Kole and she is reading in the book of Mormon and we taught her a little bit about the ATONEMENT. she's really smart and seems eager to learn more, she is very poor and we want her to come to church but she may not be a big fan of that. So after that we went to the ward and visited families in the ward.. this ward is super awesome and is all about helping the missionaries out. I HOPE you guys are doing that. We live in a duplex and I love it. I am so spoiled as a missionary. I am sure Tash and Erika are just shaking their heads.
oh well. Everett is so different. SO GREEN and its crazy how no one as a front lawn dad would go crazy. there are very poor areas in my area and then very rich areas. sort of crazy. Then Thursday I met another one of our investigators he's a young boy whose name is Jencarols Feliciano he's 13 and is very interested he loves Joseph Smith and its awesome! we are actually teaching him tonight and I am way excited. and he came to church yesterday! yay!! then Friday... hmmmmm lets see we had a new missionary training all day and it was uhhhh okay. that's all I'm going to say it took forever to be done with. moving on. we visited a bunch of less actives that night. There are so many people in the ward that LOVE the sisters and we love it. We are fed every night by a member and its crazy awesome. I love visiting with people and sharing short simple messages with them. like hey listen up god loves you and has a plan for you BAM
Saturday.... sooooooooo guess what!! DRUMMMM ROLLLLL PLEASEEEEEE.
Elder Bednar came to the Everett Washington mission. yep. he spoke to us for oh I don't know 3 hours. 3 hours!! it was like a question answer type of thing but not. if that even makes sense. We talked about how important it is to turn out , and to really ACT in faith. and go DO!! and he said just a bunch of cool stuff, he said its okay if you once in a while think about home but be able to come back to your mission. which I am begging to see happen to me. sadly but surely. I am starting to forget. its weird. but its good and I know that I am making the changes that I need to. I mean don't get me wrong I miss YOU ALL so much but I know what I am doing is the right thing at the right time. um I am trying to not go off on tangents so anyways. Elder Bednar. yeah hes awesome. he told us ITS NOT ABOUT YOU AND IT NEVER WILL BE ABOUT YOU!!!! more to come on Thursday. on thanksgiving!!! I think I will get an hour to write on Thursday. We usually get 2 hours but its different this week. I have so many pictures to send and I will try to eventually. I just still cant believe I am on a mission. Its weird. I just cant believe it. I have 18 months to learn so much! its freaky. The Book Of Mormon is true. its incredible. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I Taught my very first lesson on Saturday to a 35 year old black man whose name is Ron and I was so scared but we talked about the Restoration and he took it very well. He seems very interested and we will be meeting with him again. This is not in any good order my bad . umm Sunday was fun.. I walked into church and me and Sister Fishburn realized I was on the program to speak. bahahahah we laughed and I spoke in church and had no idea. It went well though, she's an amazing trainer. We are so excited for thanksgiving!! it will be fun. don't have too much fun without me family. know that I love you so much and I love our father in heaven!!!
D&C 31: 5-8 I read this and cried so many happy tears!!
love Sister Norton!!

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