Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm Here!!!

Date: November 19, 2013
Area: Lake Stevens, Washington
Companion: ?


MOM, DAD, FAMILY!! Hello, Hello

I'm here in Everett! First things first. It's absolutely FREEZING!!! Brrrrr
But it's so beautiful so green and just so different from Salt Lake. It hasn't hit me that I'm a missionary and that I'm actually here in Everett. It's so so crazy. Keep me in your prayers, you are always in mine. I'm sort of freaking out. I've been up since 3:30AM. It was so good to talk to some of you in the phone. Tash and Kenz I tried calling but you didn't answer DANG!
The good news is Christmas is soon and I'll be able to call then, but who is the sneaky person that gave Brian my number? huh? I hung up the phone and then it rang and I was expecting it to be Tash and Kenz. I never thought he would have called. It was crazy and so good though to hear from him. Our conversation was quick. I could barley understand him but I told him to visit you all... hopefully he stays in touch with us cool Norton.

I'm so excited, but nervous. Sister Wright and I keep saying uhh we're MISSIONARIES!! can we do this? I sure hope so family, don't change to much, and let me know about some of the new inside jokes. I LOVE you all so much, like it's crazy how much I love you all. I'm so grateful for everything you did for me, you're amazing! Also, we've been in the mission home all day long. Meetings and blah blah but we did actually get comforters and pillows, laid down on the floor and we all fell asleep for a couple of hours. The lights were on, we were on a hard wood floor but we all passed out. I'm sad to say goodbye to the sisters in my district, mainly Sister Wright. It's funny because we keep hearing how fast it goes, but I hope it's true!
sort of just hit me 18 whole months that seems like Forever! Here it goes though GOD SPEED. The church is true. God loves everyone.

Can someone do a blog for me?

Love all

P.S tell the 7th ward primary Thanks
P.S.S I would love some pictures! in cute frames, and pics of me and friends, family, Bri guy :)


can't wait to talk to you on Christmas. It will be the best

umm... put my new address up somewhere!


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