Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December!

Hello Hello!

  Where oh where do I even begin. Well let's just said that I had a total of 3 Thanksgiving dinners and oh yeah know just 7 pieces of pies!! Do you understand... 7. and 5 of them were pumpkin! Members just give us way to much food and feed us too much. You would be so so so surprised at how much I eat when I am at a members house.. I eat everything even when I hate it. The spirit is always with me and then I just take a swig of water and it is all good. I think I am good with Turkey for now. Thanksgiving was weird.. but good! We ate at a members house who only had 1 kid so it was super quite which was weird! Then we just relaxed the rest of the day because it was our pday and we had to be in by 6 so we just partied inside and what not so that was fun.

   Then the following day we helped a nonmember move of her house and they let me hold their snake so that was pretty neat. Oh the things that you find in Washington... sometimes I feel like I am in a completely different country... So like I said most of the people here aren't the nicest... and it is actually kind of funny because Sister Fishburn and I will be biking and it will be a gloomy day and then if we see someone we will of course smile and wave and they will either not look at us, ignore us completely, or give us a very strange look.. so that's good.. but actually one day when we were out biking around we stopped at a corner and there was this man and we started up a conversation with him and he just started saying things like yeah I believe in a god and I know that he loves me and on and on and me and Sister Fishburn were speechless and we talked with him and he thought it was a very cool thing that we were able to serve and what not. Then we said well here let us teach you about what makes us so happy!! We were so late to a meeting that we had to be at but it was all good because we got to talk to a man named Barrett and hopefully we will be in touch with him... it's little things like that, that really make me realize what I am doing is good and that with all the rough days and after everyone slamming their doors in my face there is a little ah ha moment or a moment like in tangled where its like..."AT LAST I SEE THE LIGHT"  and my whole day is flipped upside down and I love it.

 I just keep on going no matter what. Then we met a lady named Deserri and she wants to talk with us about what we believe and she is in her 30s I would say and she has 2 kids... more to come on her next Monday I hope! cross your fingers..

 there are so many hills in our area and riding on a bike in a skirt issss ummmmmmmm yeah a BLESSING! hahah but seriously its defiantly a work out but I love it. Getting in shape I guess you could say:) SO I think it has only rained a total of 3 times while I have been here but last night it was the worst... we were going to meet a Russian man who the Elders gave us as a referral and so we looked for his house for about 10 minutes and it was pouring and we were soaked and just laughing and when we finally got to his house we were so excited to teach him and talk with him and oh I don't know get in a warm house... so his wife came to the door spoke very little English and looked at us like we were aliens and said "my husband very busy man" no thanks! ummm dang!! so we looked at each other and said ha-ha yeah we will just come back later... finally we got to go home and get dry at the end of the night... oh but we work with a lot of less actives in the ward and there is a lady Named Sandra Marchant who I love so much and she grew up in Chile and served her mission there and is now in active but we went over to her house last night and decorated her Christmas tree with her and it made me think of our home and then we cooked dinner with her and she made me make the salad and the dressing and I literally felt like I was at home and I loved it. Hopefully she will make her way back to church.. we shared with her a scripture about Christ and bore our testimonies and she teared  up a little bit and it was just so cute!

  Christmas. Say what?? it doesn't even feel like it at all...we are having so many awesome Christmas parties in the ward so hopefully we will get people to come to that! Oh and guess what!! RONN!! Remember him, yeah we went to go check up on him and he said yes!! I am reading the book of Mormon with my family and I can’t wait for our next visit. YAY! Hopefully we will be able to find more people to teach.. pray that we will!! Life is good and check out this quote....

"I have often said one of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work! If a missionary works, SHE will get the Spirit; if SHE gets the spirit SHE will teach by the spirit, and if SHE teaches by the spirit SHE will touch the hearts of the people and SHE will be happy. There will be no homesickness, no worrying about families, for all time and talents and interests are centered on the work of the ministry. Work, work, work there is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work."


oh and we helped a nonmember put up her Christmas lights and it was a blast and then this nonmember talked to a lady in the ward the next day and said that the sisters came at just the right time and we helped her when she needed it most! PERFECT!! We didn't even have an appointment with her or anything.. yaya!!!

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