Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm on a Mission?


I'm on a Mission?

Date: December 09, 2013
Area: Lake Stevens, Washington
Companion: Sister Fishburn
Mi Familia!!

  There is the Spanish for the day... How is everyone doing? I love you all and think about you and just think about how awesome you are and how grateful I am for all of you. YOU guys are rock stars and I just love ya. When are you going to Forgotten Carols? oh how I will miss that... but the good news is that one of the sisters I live with loves the Forgotten Carols so we always sing it together.. its awesome... but she's never seen it before.. sad! I love it so much and hope you all have a blast without me!

 Where oh where do I even begin... so this week lets just say was super hard and challenging and just pretty rough but the good news is that it ended awesome and there were many great miracles that happened! I can truly see gods hand in my life. SO we are just sorta having a hard time finding people to teach and what not so that has been a struggle... and our investigators haven't really been keeping commitments and they have been canceling on us which is always a bummer. Then on Tuesday this week Sister Fishburn and I were really excited because we had a lesson with Jen Carols and he's awesome and I know or at least I think I have talked a little bit about him and his sister Jessica.. so anyways long story short is that about a hour before we were going over to teach a lesson to him we got a long text from Jessica and she told us a lot of things but she said that she didn't want us teaching her and her brother anymore and that we were not to go over there... sad... me and Fishburn were completely devastated because they were doing so great and then out of no where they just don't want it anymore.. but I KNOW that this isn't the end for them they may just need a little bit of time. Then we had a very long next day and we just went form house to house trying to find people and what not and no one really likes us and that is always fun and I understand that it is very cold in Utah and there is a ton of snow.. but just know that I feel your pain.. maybe a little too much.. because it is freezing in Washington.. its just a very different cold and my body is not used to the wet cold.. and umm I'm out in it all day on a bike.. life is wonderful! Our zone leaders actually texted us one day and said yeah today is a little colder than all other days so maybe you should wear some hand warmers... hahaha. oh alight..
  It is funny though because a lot of the people here are saying there hands are getting very dry and what not and I just cant help but laugh because I don't use any lotion.. I don't need it!

 Moving on.... so  on Thursday we thought we would go one last time to Elisabeth's house to try to say hi to her and invite her to the Ward Christmas party that we were having on Friday.. she is an investigator and we haven't been able to get a hold of her for a while or meet with her... but this was a miracle!! she opened the door and said... "HI SISTERS!! I'm very busy now, but I would love to talk so please come back in 15 minutes."! YAYAYAAY!! we left and we were both smiling form ear to ear and we were so excited... so we went back and had the best visit and she had so many questions that were just so awesome about prophets and temples and then she finally opened up about certain things and it was just so cool to see and then I invited her to come to the Christmas party and she accepted and it was WONDERFUL!

 Ward Christmas Party... hahahah the ward I am in sorta reminds me a little bit about our ward and they have had 13 babies within the past year... crazy stuff.. anyways the Christmas party was awesome and we got our investigator and her daughter to come.. wahoooo!! and we sat with a less active who we are teaching and he came which was great as well. and he is just like Grandpa Johnson.... seriously.... it's awesome and I just love him so much! I actually met him my first day out in the field and he asked me for my first name and I was a stupid and I told him! so then at the Christmas party he called me by Alexa cause he remembered and it was the weirdest thing in the world to hear my first name! I got mad at him and he just laughed... and him and I just joke around... oh how he is just like a grandpa to me.  He is feeding us this Wednesday and we are teaching him.. yay!!!

  Then on Saturday we had a lesson planned to teach this crazy couple that I had never met and we sat down to plan what we should talk with them about and we were so lost and didn't know what it was that they needed... so we decided to pray again and right after we did we got a text from them and they canceled... crazy how the Lord works... just wait because then we were out and about and went to this house and they let us in and we taught them!! it was awesome and I was so scared but I recited the first vision and I don't even know how I did it but I did and it was great... they are very smart about the bible and they don't see a need for the book of Mormon so we talked to them a little bit about that and it was just super cool... Fishburn had been trying to meet with them for over a month and then we finally did!! BLESSINGS!!!!!

one awkward thing did happen... at the end Andy said well sisters can we pray for you and then you can pray for us?! we said yes and then he said a pray and just ended and I didn't know that I was supposed to say my pray right then and there and so we were just sitting there with our eyes closed and I giggled and said.. OH IS IT MY TURN? haha the I prayed... super awkward but it was funny! then that night we went to Christmas in the park and it was fun and what not then this older couple who loves the missionaries had us over and the wife never stops talking.. no joke... so seriously during dinner I just lost it and I could stop laughing and it was bad I almost spit up my water... ya know like one of the moments where you just can not control it.. so bad!!

so sorry this is so crazy.. but in conclusion I want you to know that I know the church is true.. I know that the gospel is all about change.. and that is what makes it so awesome and I can feel my saviors love all the time and I love watching people change and better yet I love seeing the changes that I am making.

the challenge for the week for you all.. read 2 Nephi 25.. CHRIST! and when you are doing your scripture study see how many different names Christ has.. its great!
 I love this work!

Love Sister Norton!

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