Monday, December 30, 2013

and a Happy New Year!

My Dearest Family.
   Oh how I love you all so very very much. Words cant even describe how much you all mean to me and how much I just miss you all! Is it weird to think that I am out on my own... the baby Norton is out doing her own thing. Yeah its very very strange to me. SO I got to see you all on Christmas. Yes. That was good! Very overwhelming but very good. I loved being able to see you all.. but it sucked me right in and it was sort of hard to get out of that funk that I was in for a short amount of time. Life is good and I just keep reminding myself that. I feel so loved by so many people and the ward here really takes care of us which is incredible. So this week in a quick review... Christmas.... yeah it doesn't feel like it was Christmas at all... done and done. FINALLY. Then after Christmas we had Bensons Baptism which was super awesome he is in the ward and he's just the cutest little boy and he was so thrilled to be getting baptized.! loved it. Then We had a lesson with a couple named Sam and Andy and lets just say... it didn't go quite as planned and I was pretty shocked about what happened after the lesson. It turned into a nice bible bashing and you could tell the spirit was defiantly not there at all and I just wanted to get out of there. But they want to have us meet with them again which is weird.. not really sure what will happen there. Then the next day I think it was Friday.... no no it was Saturday... we had been walking around for about 4 hours and had finally hit our limit. Me and Sister Fishburn literally didn't know if we could make it through the rest of the day. No one was wanting to talk to us and yeah it was just a rough day... then we finally said... alright lets just sit down for a quick sec and take a break so we did. Then we sat there and finally decided to get up. I felt as if I had no more will power what so ever. We had been on this street 100 times before and walked past this same house that is super hidden and sort of creepy and has a big medal fence around it. I have wanted to go in before but Sister Fishy and I just never have. Then this time was different. There was a man out and he looked right at us and he said hi so we
said HI back and then we proceeded to keep walking. I stopped right in by tracks... look at his house and pointed to his garage and said HEY IS THAT A  SURF BOARD!? ya know just to get the conversation going... he then looked at us and said well yes... such a smooth ice breaker... we then began to talk with him and he said.. wait are you guys Mormons?! we told him yes and he was confused because he didn't know girls could go.. I love when that happens! we told him all about the age change and what not... he is in his 70s and he then told us.. well yeah I was baptized Mormon! abahahah you should have seen our faces.. they were priceless.. SUCH A MIRACLE MOMENT! then he looked at us and said... well are you guys just out and about feeling inspired as to who you should talk to? I told him YES. and we were brought to you. He then said... well that's funny... because I have actually been praying! then the whole world seemed to have stopped for that moment and life just made sense again. FINALLY I thought. he said well tell me what it is that I should do? COME TO CHURCH WE SAID! Ha and he said I could maybe do that... he told us how he believes in everything and how much he loves the book of Mormon but he couldn't find his.. SO I just gave him MINE! YAYA! that was an awesome miracle..
SO my hair is brown... yep that's that. I don't know who I am anymore.. so that's fun.
then we did some service for this crazy lady who yelled at me a bunch. oh how I love Washington so much. SO GREEN. ummmm met this old man who has been working on a bug sail boat for over 30 years... that pretty much sums everything up!  I love you all so much and thanks for being such wonderful people. YOU ARE GREAT NORTONS I LOVE YOU!
Love Sister Norton
oh and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR
all my love

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