Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No worries...I'm ALIVE!!

Hello wonderful people of Utah... how are you all doing?!
Good. I am so glad. Let me just really quickly fill you in on life here in good ol Washington. I don't have much time today because things are ummmm different. VERY DIFFERENT.
Transferred.... I am now serving in Lynwood, it is known as "the promised land" ahaha I guess all the missionaries say that there are a lot of prepared people in this area and that sounds pretty awesome to me! It was sad to leave my last area and very sad to say goodbye to Elisabeth and Abby as well as Sister Fishburn and Sister Wright... it was hard if I am going to be honest but I am getting adjusted and life is going great! The area that I am in is HUGE and I am still on a bike! YAY I love being on a bike and just being out and about... If I could choose I would be on a bike my entire mission hopefully I will be! So about my area being HUGE... it totally is. The last area that I was in I was serving in HALF of a ward and so I knew the area backwards and forwards and everything and now Lynwood is probably 3 times the size and I have no idea where I am half the time... I am trying to figure things out and it is coming along. I live in an apartment and lets just say some major cleaning needed to be done when I got there... ahahah man I am such a neat freak that it is almost gross... but I just hate mess! moving on.
MY COMPANION. Her name is Sister Simental and she is from Nebraska and she is 23. Shes great and I love her lots. We get along and she is the best greenie breaker:) Shes super crazy and loves to just go crazy... sort of like me! so that is good to have. PHEW. She has been out for 6 months and she's an awesome missionary. It is cool learning so much from another person and she is very outgoing and loveable, so life is good. Its kind of crazy to me because I am still wondering when it will all hit me that I am actually on a mission.. I mean sometimes I think... um what the heck is going on.. why am I standing on someone's doorstep in the rain.. bearing my testimony to them! hahah its crazy and I love it. We are teaching a couple of people and if I could I would totally tell you about them but I don't even know them yet.. we have lessons with them this evening so lets pray that all goes well:) I will hopefully be able to fill you in next week. I now go to the library to email.. its good! Oh and the ward that I am in has 1000000 billion kids.. okay I am being a little over dramatic but they have a ton of kids and sacrament is super loud which can be a bummer.
FUN FACT though my district leader.. he totally knows Todd and loves him, I swear every single elder knows Todd and says all these wonderful things about how awesome he was.
What else.... Oh and Kasi Goodwins brother is in my ward... SMALL WORLD.. ehhh? hahah that's pretty crazy if ya ask me. When I tell people where I am from they always say... "OH SO YOU LIVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD WHERE PRES. HINCKLEY LIVED" 
Oh my goodness.. for all you missionaries out there. "THE DISTRICT" that films the district is coming to the Everett Washington Mission. WHAT! we don't really know what is going on but we do know that they are coming and my mission President is sort of freaking out. President changed up so many things this last transfer.. out of 230 missionaries 160 got transferred.. that's a lot of change. Well life is good. The rain is always here and I am staying WET:) gotta love it.
cool story and then I gotta run.
We were out and about the other day and Sister Simental wanted to go see this man that they had previously talked to so we went and knocked on his door and he came and looked at us and said... um just a second.. .as we waited and waited for him to come out I began to wonder... okay I think he just wants us to leave... so I was getting a little impatient but I thought I would just wait a little longer.. he then all of a sudden came out and we had a wonderful conversation talked about the Book of Mormon and invited him to church... and he totally came. CRAZY!!! but it was awesome. life is good and I love you all very much. Thanks for all the emails and all of the support. It means a lot and I really appreciate it:) 
oh and yesterday we were able to go to this crazy temple and it was such a cool experience! gotta go.... love you lots!
LOVE Sister Norton

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