Monday, February 24, 2014


BOOM. It's done. I totally made it through week one of being in a new area. A big pat on the back. NO but really this week was crazy and wonderful and a little bit of everything else all put into one big combination of wonderfulness. Does that even make sense. hmmmm. I'm weird. OH WELL! 
  First things first. It has rained I think every single day for the past week. and its normal. I'm used to it. PERFECT! It's funny because no one here uses umbrellas forgive me if I have already said this, but they don't and if you do you look like a total tourist.I don't want to look like that at all. I am in Lynnwood serving in the Alderwood 2nd ward. ITS HUGE. Their primary is so big that they have to meet in the chapel right after sacrament. CRAZINESS. So many kids. I live in an apartment just with Sister Simental. Very different than my last area but its good:) 
  Funny things that I think you guys will enjoy to hear. One day this past week we were out and about ya know just doing the normal missionary stuff knocking on doors. We were in this little area called mobile manor (oh by the way, they have "like a hundred" apartment complexes here) and we knocked on this man's door and as soon as I knocked we heard a loud "WHAT" and then this man behind the door starting to do some kind of Indian chant. Meanwhile I look at my companion and we both weren't quite sure what was going to happen. He opened the door.. looked right at us and said… "WHAT?! YOU WEREN'T THE PEOPLE THAT I WAS EXPECTING!" and he then began to laugh. okay here i am standing there and i just couldn't help it. So i just burst into laughter. oops. He then told us he knew who were were and yada yada.. and told us he had talked to missionaries and he thinks Mormons are wonderful people… we had a wonderful chat and then he broke my heart. DANG! that always tends to happen. BUT! we were able to tell him and commit him to go look at our website and he promised he would and he said "now come back in a week and we will talk." fingers crossed and this man is defiantly in my prayers! The work must go on:) 

Next MIRACLE.... UPLIFTING MOMENT we had a lesson with our investigator and his girlfriend this past week and we were able to talk to them about the importance of the Book of Mormon and i was able to see the spirit working through them.. it was such a tender experience. The Book of Mormon is true.
 Last funny story…
    We were out and about and i saw this man so i went up to him and we started this conversation and it turns out he is from Iran and he knows little English and said he wanted to learn English. So my companion randomly goes.. "oh we can help you learn English"! the next thing that happened was this man was carrying my bike to his apartment to meet his wife. i was thinking to myself. Alright what is going on… he brought us into his house and wanted to feed us food and we tried telling him our purpose as missionaries and he said " i am so grateful that you teach me English." it was quite the experience. Washington is pretty diverse. It's crazy. My companion uses her Spanish every day and i just stand there looking like a goof. I can introduce us as missionaries in Spanish but that is about it.

I would like to end by saying how truly magnificent this gospel is. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love is infinite. I know that it is there for everyone that is willing to accept it into their lives. I love being able to go out everyday and spread this news to everyone that is willing to hear it. 
I love you all very much! thanks for all the love and support! YOU guys rock! 

Love your dearest
Sister Norton:) 

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