Monday, March 3, 2014

Miracles... All the day long!!

   Hi there familia. How goes it down there in good ol Utah?! Well this may be short so I am so sorry about that! but. Lets begin.
  We had a crazy week.It was actually SUNNY for 2 days this week. "here come the sun" its was FANTASTIC and exactly what i needed.. ya know just a good little boost. LOVED IT. Then the rain came down and the floods came up.. but that is oh so normal... alright. it didn't FLOOD. hello i am just being maybe a little bit DRAMATIC. you know me.
  SO in my last letter I think I talked about the Iranian man who we are trying to teach English to.. yes we did that and it was quite the experience. Long story short the next thing I knew we were eating all of this Iranian food! We ate and we ate and then we ate some more... I thought I was going to die but I said a little prayer and ate the "entire confection" hahah they are great people and we invited them to a ward social and they totally came. AWESOMENESS!!! and then hello I finally had some of my very own teriyaki chicken and man was it good. I can now understand why Todd loved it so so much. It was delicious. YUMMMM!
Okay and here we go. Eric and Kathy.. our investigators. man oh man. powerful lesson. They are great but they sort of don't really understand things and I mean that's okay but we had no idea what they needed so we prayed... we prayed and then we umm prayed AGAIN! and then bam it hit us.. okay Eric and Kathy need to be able to realize that their prayers are being answered and that they can receive revelation for themselves. and that my friends they did. what a blessing it is to know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us each so much and he wants to be able to help us out but we have to act and we have to call upon him and he have to have FAITH in him. I KNOW that he answers prayers. As we began to teach them about revelation through prayer he was able to answer theirs. and they said that they realized they had been receiving answers all along but they just hadn't noticed.
I just want to end and say this. WE had ZONE CONFERENCE. whoa!! It was one of the best things I have ever been to.. For all of you people that know the District 2.. the men in charge came to my mission and did a special training for some of the mission but then President Bonham was able to teach it to all of us and it is a brand new teaching method. Very different. but very powerful. 
We are to teach directly out of the pamphlets that we have had for a while and we are to teach by only using the pictures of the pamphlets and open it up to them and have them be doing most of the talking. My mission president used an analogy saying often times these people have a teacup with them that they are willing to have be filled and often times as missionaries we go in there with a fire hose and they cant take it. I agree. So by doing this they are able to receive answers for themselves and teach themselves. We are now having them read the entire BOOK OF MORMON. not just the introduction, then 3 Nephi 11 and then Moroni... which if you really think about it... um that makes no sense at all. WHY IN THE WORLD and how would someone gain their own testimony to know if it is true if they only read parts of it. We want them to read it from front to back and to introduce it in a way that actually makes sense. BOOM!
so after we got trained for 6 hours we had to hurry off to a lesson with a less active member... we had no practice whatsoever as a companionship but we got in there and decided that we would try it out.... and we did. We just taught from the pamphlet using the pictures asking her what it was that she saw. and it was POWERFUL. after we had finished we are to ask them to pray and to ask for themselves if what they have learned is true. and we asked her to pray and she wouldn't then we told her we would pray and then she could pray... she said that would be alright.. so we did.. then looked up and she said she was just too afraid... then we asked her what it was that she would want to ask Heavenly Father... she poured her heart out to us... and then I told her I would pray for her and say everything she had said.. umm I cant even tell you what I said. I don't know how but something happened and after the prayer we looked up and sat there in silence. The spirit was so strong and piercing. You could feel it. She looked up and said "I CAN FEEL HIM" she began to weep. It was incredible. This new style of teaching is going to bring so many miracles to the mission I just know it. I also went on exchanges this week and taught with the pamphlets and once again saw many many miracles. its crazy!
the WEM Washington Everett mission is great and changing so many things but change is good! 
I love this gospel and I love the happiness that it brings to others, to be able to share it with other people is truly amazing.
sorry this email is so scattered. But in all honesty,  I can't even begin to describe the feelings that I have felt this week. YOU can't put missionary work into words. It doesn't work that well. I love you all so much. I love this gospel and I love my Savior.
love Sister Norton:)

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