Monday, March 24, 2014


The good news i am staying in my area and with my companion. wahooo the crazy news... just wait for it....This week was probably one of the most interesting weeks I have yet to have on the mission. SO MUCH and SO LITTLE happened. I have a ton to say and then NOTHING at all. It's just pure craziness and all there is left to say is i have a ton of faith in the Lord and i trust him.
  We receive leadership calls on Thursdays to see if we will be training brand new missionaries or become Sister Training Leaders. Thursday came and Sister Simental and I had completely forgotten about calls and just fell right asleep. The next morning while we were out we got a call from our STLs asking us if we had received a call. We looked at each other and laughed because we had just forgotten and said... ahahah NO. We are clear. We went on about our day and then to our surprise we received another call and it was from an unknown number. Sister Simental answered and it was our mission President. what? we both freaked out a little bit. He then asked for Sister Simental and didnt have the greatest news to give her. Her grandma is in the hospital and isn't doing to well. My heart ached for her as i watched her receive this awful news. She then was given permission to call home and say her goodbyes. talk about hard. PLEASE KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS.
  Then here's the crazy story. Everyone was thinking Sister Simental would leave and i would stay because that is what has happened with all the missionaries in the past. ITS TRADITION they say. for some reason i just felt like we were both going to stay.. Then Saturday came we were out in between appointments and then we got a call from the APs. They told us that we needed to come to the mission office to get something and that we may be getting a car because our area is so HUGE. Sister Simental was so excited! but i love being on bike so i wasn't so sure what to think... we got to the office and then the APs said to us... "Go in President wants to talk with you" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! my thoughts: (oh man, what did I do? are we getting in trouble?) The APs followed us in and President Bonham told us to have a seat. then we were handed a packet with the words... "SISTER TRAINING LEADER". I looked down at it.. looked up and laughed. I LAUGHED. then President said.. "sisters will you accept this call to be the new Sister Training Leaders". MY MIND was going 100 miles per hour.. i had no idea what to think. My companion and i were literally speechless. we then muffled out the words... YES. he then began to tell us that he had been trying to figure out transfers for the past four hours and something wasn't right in his head or in his heart. He then changed some things and called us as Sister Training Leaders. Its going to be a super crazy transfer. BUSY BUSY BUSY. going on exchanges all the time which will be quite the adventure. I am excited and nervous for what lies ahead. I know that this is an opportunity that has been given tome to learn and to grow and i know that's what will happen. CHANGE. the gospel is all about CHANGE. and that's what i love.
CRAZY!!! so much to tell you all but so little time. STAY GREAT! love you all so much. keep me in your prayers this week. please and thank you
love love love you:)
loves sister Norton:)

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