Monday, March 17, 2014


 The mission. Too say you can put it into words is not possible at all. Its everything and NOTHING of what you think it could or even would be. To say the least I am so unbelievably SO grateful for this opportunity that i have to serve the Lord. It really hit me this week. I don't know why but it just did. I remember receiving my call and thinking.. "oh my heck.. is this real life" am i really going on a mission? then i remember thinking okay this will probably hit me when i am on the mission. ahhhhhhh to be honest.. IT hasn't hit me yet. Each morning… i get to wake up and put on a name tag saying that I represent Jesus Christ. How great is that. I am grateful. I am pleased to say the least that I can dedicate the next 14 months of my life strictly to Him and helping bring souls to Him.  its just great! I feel at times that my head is going 100 miles per hour.. learning, growing, and stretching and giving everything i can in the pouring rain! Its a blessing:)

 This week was crazy busy. I can"t believe it is already week 6 and the end of the transfer in this new area. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? literally. TIME FLIES. crazy. Funny story. On Wednesday i think it was.. we were ya know out and about doing our thing.. talking to the people of Washington and we were riding our bikes to go meet someone. We were flying down this huge long  hill. I of course was loving it and going probably a little too fast… (oops) but here's was happened. While going super fast i went to hit my breaks and noticed that they were not working at all. AHHHH i went into panic mode and looked ahead and noticed this hill was never ending and i had no idea what to do. I pulled back my breaks as tight as i could and still no luck whatsoever. BREAKS GONE. YIKES. soooo i am freaking out maybe just a little bit and a look to my left and see a patch of grass so i begin to ride my bike on there so i can slow down.. and i put my feet down to help me stop. WAHOOO it totally worked. i looked like a complete goof but i didn't die. It was on 164th which is a super busy street. anyways. thought you all would enjoy a funny moment. 

Moving on. HAPPY BRITHDAY to the worlds best MOM!  MOM. i love you so so so much and i hope you have a great birthday! you are 40? right? heheeheh. 

 This week my companion and i really tried to take what we learned in Zone Meeting to the test. We FOCUSED on our GOALS. We set goals every single night and sometimes don't worry too much about them but this week we tried really hard to focus on them and as we did we were able to see MIRACLES and it was awesome. WE FOUND 3 new investigators this week. 

  Last but not least. I want to end and say that this week i was truly strengthened by the thought that i  have the ability to repent and try better each and every day. I know that i have so many weaknesses and things that i need to change about myself. and i know that we all do. I know that the lord is willing to help us through this challenges and ultimately we come out so much stronger! 
GO read 2 nephi chapter 4.  and then REPENT! hahah crazy missionary right now.

I love you all so much. I am grateful for EVERY SINGLE person in my life. YOU. all have impacted me in ways that have made me grow so so much. This gospel is true. It makes me happy and blesses my life each and every day. 

loveeee sisterrrr norton:)

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