Monday, March 31, 2014

Lose Yourself

 Dearest everyone.... 

HI! how are you all? Washington update. It has been rainy and sunny this week. "rain, what rain?" 
I cannot even believe that it is APRIL! April fools day is tomorrow WATCH OUT.. Mama Norton probably has something up her sleeve. anyways.. this week was a little crazy and just a little bit stressful.. trying to manage my area and then handling being the STL. We will be going on exchanges after exchanges  after exchanges. This last week we went on just a couple of mini exchanges with a couple of sisters who were going through a rough time. WE HAD A BLAST. I went with a sister who is 30 and she is awesome. I felt a little out of my comfort zone mostly because i felt SO YOUNG... but it went SO WELL! 
The general relief society broadcast. 
  AMAZING!!!!! Oh my goodness. I loved every word that was said. It truly made me feel so loved and i hope every women that was able to watch or listen was able to feel the love that their savior has for them. I loved pretty much everything that was said and i am trying to think of exactly what it is that i want to tell all of you. I cant quite seem to put my thoughts into words today. SO SORRY! my mind is just thinking of too many things at once. 

here are some things that i really loved and i want to share with all of YOU!

 -WE are daughters in his Kingdom
 -when we are baptized we are changed forever. alrighty.. lets just think about that. when we are baptized we are changed forever?! what does that mean. Well to me it means that we change ourselves and TRY our very hardest to align our will with his. This is something that I will be working on this week. TRYING my hardest to change to become more like Jesus Christ and to truly become a disciple of him.
- "OH HOW WE NEED EACH OTHER" i loved loved loved this line. This life is not easy but if we come together we are UNSTOPPABLE. We truly do need each other and i know that to be true. I cant do it all on my own. That is why we must all work together and serve one another. ITS SO IMPORTANT
- as we serve we truly do become like him. 
- perfect= complete. 
- "look at your mom" dearest Mama Norton. I was totally thinking of you and i thought of all my sisters. Erika. Mackenzie and Natasha. I love you all so much. Thank you for being such an example to me throughout my entire life. thank you for helping me with everything. thank you for taking care of me. 
- I also loved when she had all of the 8-11 year olds stand up and they sang and then she had us join in and sing with them singing "come little child and together we'll learn"
- and i LOVED everything Eyring said about Eve. also he did give a little SHOUT OUT to sister missionaries receiving leadership and at that moment i felt like he was talking directly to me and answering my prayers. i needed that. I felt so much love being with the women in the church and feeling so UNITED.
I know that I was truly uplifted at that conference and i know that Jesus Christ is our savior and i know that as we listen we will be able to receive our very own revelation. 

OH HOW I LOVE THE GOSPEL. It is wonderful. OH so WONDERFUL. I love being a missionary and i love being able to share with people about the GOOD NEWS. 
love you all to the moon and back!
LOVEEE sisssyyy norton:) 

p.s. Thanks for the cute little gift from Brother Goodwin. hahah i was so confused when he gave it to me. he said it was ALL THE WAY FROM SALT LAKE!YAY
thank you so much for all the love and support. Thanks for all the prayers. LOVEEEE YOUUU:) 
have a wonderful week

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