Monday, April 7, 2014


 Hi Family!
 I LOVE YOU ALL SO much and you all came to my mind a lot this past week with it being conference. My first conference away from home and let me tell you it was so different but I LOVED IT! I love that we have conference every 6 months. SUCH A BLESSING. don't cha think?!
Things are kind of crazy right now. I am no longer a STL. and that is okay with me. Here is what happened. A Hermana had to go home because of health reasons and so last minute my comp had to go Spanish speaking and I had to get a new companion last Monday. We got the call about this last Monday telling us about the change. I was first a little scared to get a new companion but also so excited! He said to me.. "now sister Norton I want you to know that you didn't do anything wrong as a stl but you were only one for a week so I would hope that you wouldn't have done anything wrong" ha. he is such a goofy guy. HE'S GREAT! we went back to our apartment and packed and cleaned all day long and then late that night went to the mission office where I met my new companion and said my goodbyes to sister Simental. Sad.. but its okay!:) because my new companion is super awesome. her name is sister Millett she is from Kingston UTAH and is so different than I am that we just work super well together. SHE is so cute and quite and we all know that I am not. I think my loudness may scare her from time to time and she just giggles at me. We both have the same way of doing missionary work and we both just like to go out and get the job done which makes life so much better! She is wonderful and things in our area have started to just move along. I LOVE LYNNWOOD. This week we were doing a lot of finding and we were able to see so many miracles! I can truly say that the Lord has blessed me so so much. I think it is so crazy that he trusts me with so many of his children. I know that when I am exactly obedient to the mission rules he blesses me even MORE! and trust me the more blessings the better. I have been working on improving on my street contacting and this week I tried really hard to do that and with the Lords help I did and by doing so we were able to find 2 new investigators!
I love being able to just go up to people and tell them who I am. so great!
Also I LOVED CONFERENCE! there is so much I would love to go over but I will just talk about a few things that I loved. I loved what Jefferey Holland talked about. I COULD relate, there are those times when people yell at me and I just want to go back and say something to them.. BUT I don't! I love how he said being a messenger isn't easy but if we are strong it is all worth it. I know that to be true. I KNOW its all worth it. I also love how he said that Christ like love is the greatest love. It truly is. I feel like a lot of conference was talking about becoming true disciples of Christ. I know that we can each change some things that we do in our lives to become better disciples of Christ. I am going to be changing some things this week and I challenge all of you to do the same:) I love how President Monson talked about LOVING EVERYONE! true. we need to! Henry B Eyring talked about how when we choose to make a covenant with God we choose to be changed. I also loved a lot of what Bednar said about our "loads"... as we live the gospel I know that we will be blessed in many ways weather they be big or small. I loved conference and I love you all so much.
this church is true.
Love Sister Norton:) 

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