Monday, April 14, 2014

HAPPY EASTER!!! well almost

Holy smokes... This week was just GREAT! the sun was out for a couple days and there was NO RAIN! I was out and about on my bike just loving life and to my surprise I actually got a little sun on my face.. probably because I haven't seen the sun FOREVER! but we did so much finding this week and we had SO MUCH SUCCESS. Sister Millett is so great! super humble and so loving and quiet and I think to myself.. DANG. why am I so crazy loud. That's okay though we make a perfect companionship! Its great. Spring is here and everything in Washington is so so beautiful. I always feel like I am in a forest with all of these crazy HUGE evergreen trees. I LOVE IT! and so would all of you! (dad there are dandelions EVERYWHERE they grow here like CRAZY,, and I think that you would go crazy if you saw all of them. at times I am tempted to go get some weed killer and help all of these people out)
Here we goooooooooo. I LOVE MY LIFE. no but really. The mission is HARD! but everyday I am so grateful that I am out here serving and I am so glad that I have this opportunity. SUCH a blessing. I love this church. Its great. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I know that he lives. 
This week we had a media referral given to us that we went to go check out and they let us in and so we just had a lovely conversation and what not and then we started to teach them but all of a sudden they looked at us and said.. well we are Jehovah witness's. WHAT!? panic. I can defiantly say this though.. what mom would say. " a character building experience" I learn something every single day..
 So I said this at the beginning but we did a lot of finding this week and we received an awesome referral from the ward and it was a tender mercy from the lord that we were even able to find this house because there was no address and we had to look at this drawing that they member drew for us. It was great though because I wanted to give up but sister Millet thought we should try one last place and when we did we totally saw them outside and I just asked if they were Jeff and Wendy and they were. I am so grateful for a companion that pushes me to go the extra mile! I can honestly say that the lord places certain people in your path for a reason. we talked with them and they told us a little bit about themselves and that they were sorry because they couldn't meet right then but they wanted us to come back! hip hip hooray!:) I love when people talk us. We then found a lot of others who are soon to be investigators. It's going great here in good ol'  Washington!
I am praying that the weather will stay nice so then more people will be out and that means more people to talk to and usually when the sun is out EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is smiling. I LOVE it. Also... it is staying lighter and lighter a lot later at night.. mom. no need to worry we are so safe that its ridiculous.
I just want all of you to know that our Heavenly Father is counting on us to SPREAD the gospel to everyone that we come in contact with. YOU CAN DO IT. be brave and be bold and as you pray for opportunities the lord will bless you with so many. I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful Easter:)
loveee Sisster Norton:) 

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