Monday, February 3, 2014

VICTORY "happy are we"

First thing is first.
  My dearest friends. I was able to actually watch the Superbowl! yeah Sister Fishburn and I just went over to a members house and watched it.. pretty great game I would say.. I mean it wasn't a game where you are on the edge of your seat or anything.. which is kind of a bummer... but we smoked them! hahah Oh my goodness.. I am funny. I DID NOT watch the Superbowl.. that would be against all the mission rules.. hahahah I am so funny. Just kidding not really. But lets be real here. PAPA D. "IN YOUR FACE" Tash... say it the way that I would. I say that in the most loving way possible. I LOVE  YOU! okay but last night was crazy! SO CRAZY! I am living in the state where their football team won the SUPERBOWL... um not too many people can say that:) faith of the missionaries? I believe soo. SO we had to be in by 6 last night, it was a rule that our mission president gave us because EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE was watching the game. It was funny because as soon as they won we knew because everyone went outside and there were so many fireworks and what not.. pretty crazy! The street that I live on probably had a billion cars backed up because people were all leaving parties and what not. GO HAWKS! here's what this means.. HAPPY PEOPLE which means more people to talk to which means more people to teach! Its a win win.. Did you all know that the offensive coordinator for the Seahawks is LDS? Yep! HE SERVED A MISSION JUST LIKE US... and he served in OHIO (GO STATESIDE) well our message isn't really about the sports world but we have something that could make you even more happier! haahh how does that sound? But really we are going to try to use it. Hopefully it will work and people wont just run away from the Sister Missionaries. We found something out... they have Jehovah Witnesses in our area all the time so a lot of people think that's who we are..BUMMER! but all is well and the work in our area is SLOWLY but SURLY starting to progress! hip hip HOORAY! I love the GOSPEL!
  oh and fun fact.. did you know that the seahawks are known to have a "12th man" on the field because they are the loudest fans in the nation? hmm weird I swear there is someone else who also has 12 men by his side. WEIRD! anyways
    Monday- We were able to have a family home evening with our investigator and her daughter in the Ewing home. It was wonderful and so great. I love Elisabeth and Abby very much. We have started to see them change a lot and to really progress in the gospel. It is such an awesome and very tender thing to watch happen. They still have many many questions about everything but we are hoping that all will go well this week. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and that is so great!
   Tuesday- SOooooo... nothing to exiting happened... but here we go.. I mean this is sort of gross but because I love you all very much I want to share it with you. I have been getting bloody noses here and there, nothing serious at all.. BUT I was in my interview with President and ummm guess what happened. YEAH! you guessed it. I GOT a BLOODY NOSE... it was too awkward and too funny and I just couldn't help but laugh. So that was that and it will be something to remember that is for sure.
   Wednesday- HI! WASHINGTON had a down pour of rain for a split second and at that moment I was on a bike and got soaked. YAY.. for looking like a wet dog and being a missionary.. gotta love the rain:)
 I have had some pretty wonderful and neat experiences this week. ALMOST TOO MANY! We were invited over for Dinner at the Kricks home on Thursday were we had a wonderful meal.. they fed us way too much food and then we had a wonderful discussion about the gospel and I was able to share with them about Grandpa Johnson and it was very tender to say the least. Brother Krick is an amazing man and so funny! after dinner we went to a house were we had been many times before and we had been trying to get in to teach the mom but every single time she was either not home or just busy..but this time she opened the door and said "come on in for cake and ice cream" although we were pretty stuffed we went in anyways and ate some cake and ice cream.. you seriously will do anything just to get in someones house... Teresa is her name and she is a single mother of 5 kids and the house is very crazy and there was a lot going on.. but we sat down and then she started asking us questions about what makes us different and we were able to talk about the Book Of Mormon and she told us she would read it. YAY. happy day we were able to find someone else to teach! all is well. then Saturday we were sorta struggling and we were trying our hardest to improve on our street contacting and we were able to do that! The lord totally blessed us with people put in our paths and we were able to talk with people on that wonderful Saturday. Specifically a lady who we had been trying to contact for a while and finally she answered her door and looked at us and started to yell and was pretty upset... and we were able to just bear our testimonies with her and it was such a cool experience to watch her change right at the door.. she told us she wanted nothing to do with the "Mormons" and that we better leave and so on and so on.. then after we said a few things she looked right at us and said "ladies I know the church is true.. I KNOW it..." BOOM SO POWERFUL! and so awesome. I love the Lord and I love this church. To think that Christ suffered for me so that I could return to live with my Father in Heaven again is crazy. I know that by living the gospel we can truly be happy. I love you all very very much. Thank you for all that you do and thanks for all the prayers. have a wonderful week!
Love Sister Norton


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