Monday, May 5, 2014

CINCO de MAYO..transferssss!

Mi Familia!

as for the Spanish... no comprendo, I stink at it..

HAPPY DAYY! I will be staying in my area with Sister Millett!:) I am super excited about it because they have been getting missionaries in and out of here and the work has slowly been decreasing so I am hoping that we will see a big increase and this next transfer is going to be AWESOME! It is really great when you have a companion that you just get along with and you have the same idea about how it is that you want to get work done. I love it and I am SO blessed!
  This week was wonderful and super busy and to say the least I have never felt SO ALIVE in my entire life but I have never been so tired. That makes complete sense.. right? okay good I am glad you all understand. We had absolutely gorgeous weather for 3 days and I actually got a tan line from my shoes! How crazy is that. The sun was out and we were loving it. When the sun comes out here the people are just a little bit more happier so we always pray for SUN. fun fact about Washington. they say summer doesn't come til july 5th. THEY all say that.. and hardly anyone has AC here. dad you would go crazy. but I guess they are right because as of right now its raining,. again! you just learn to love the rain and you adapt.

  HIGHLIGHTS: found a new investigator through tracking, cafĂ© rio opened up here and we went! (not as good as Utah though), some little 4 year old shot a bb gun at me.. that was hilarious, ward chili cook off where the yw auctioned off desserts for girls camp and people buy chocolate cake for 100 dollars NO JOKE, a Jehovah witness let us in her home... and so much more!

I am so excited to Skype you all and that will be happening next Sunday around 5:30 your time. I hope that works.. I have meetings and lessons and we have church from 1-4... so we are going to hurry and go to a member right after church and we shall talk and catch up about LIFE and just everything that is going on. I cannot wait!

We had a really cool lesson with Hannah who is from Egypt and she really wants to be Mormon and she loves all the Mormons. she said you can just tell when someone is Mormon. That really got me to thinking this week and that has been on my mind a lot. We as latter day saints all represent the lord and we need to show it no matter what because people can see and they want what we want. we have so much happiness to share with everyone! the gospel is good news!

another quick story... we had a lesson with a part member family and we watched "because of him" and at the end the non member said "I just got all tingly" AWESOME! the spirit works in so many different ways!


love you all so much. and I will see all of your faces next sunday where I will share EVERYTHING! be sure to have questions to ask so we can have the best time ever!

love sister Norton.

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