Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the ocean, the trees, all the wonderfulness!!!!!!

For the beauty of the earth.....
HELLO! fun fact. I am not dead I am actually alive!

   Quick. We weren't able to email yesterday with it being Memorial day and what not but we were given a little bit of time to email today so don't mind me because my brain is just a tad bit ALL over the place and I don't know where I should even begin. SO many wonderful and crazy stories to share with all of you. Last week I mentioned a little bit about the man who yelled at me and my companion who told us he did not want to know ANYTHING about the Mormons but he really wanted to learn about our church... and then we told him we were the Mormons. Well we were actually able to see him again and we had a lesson with him and his name is Lenard he is from Africa and he really is into what it is that we are teaching which is super awesome, and to think that we found him by tracting. SUCH A BLESSING! He is really opened to learning more and we are excited about that.

ONE POWERFUL EXPERIENCE COMING YOUR WAY. Okay so here we goooo. COOL story for the week. We went to go see a guy that we had never met before and we knocked on his door and I heard him vacuuming and he heard us knock and then stopped and continued to vacuum. BUMMER! we decided to knock again and this time I was a little nervous.. didn't know what to expect. He opened the door and we told him who we were and he looked very mad and not happy to see us. He was about to slam the door and we asked where he was from and it turns out he's from Kenya.. so I quickly try to tell him that my sister has been there and that led us into a greater conversation and then we had such a powerful crazy experience with this man right on his doorstep. We chatted about what he believed in and he told us that he thought we were crazy for believing in MORMON.. what the?  I then had to ask him some questions to see what it was exactly that he thought we believed... we then cleared everything up.. Sister Millett and I were so bold in the best way possible and it was right then where I realized that everything I was saying was totally and completely by the spirit and it flowed so perfectly and sister Millett and I worked so well together and it was a moment that I will never forget. After we talked he looked at us and said. "tell me more" I want to know more.. SO AWESOME I loved it. We continued to talk and he looked at me and said.. YOU.. you would make a great politician! (ha. what the heck is that supposed to mean).. then he said to sister Millett.. you would make a great mother. it was pretty funny... then he said a prayer with us.. it was incredible.

moving on... yesterday we were able to go to the beach and it was so beautiful. you all need to explore Washington. its amazing. the beach we went to was so pretty.. so many evergreen trees and then just OCEAN. It was a lot of fun to run around for a little bit we really enjoyed it.
last but not least.. Eric and Kathy and Nikki- some of our investigators, they are doing awesome and really starting to progress. One of the best moments happened yesterday when we had a family home evening with them. We sang "love at home" and as I sat there singing it and watching this family together sitting on the couch I almost began to cry BUT I didn't because I was so happy. I thought about our family and all the countless family home evenings that we would have just laughing and being together. The gospel is true, and it brings families so much closer together. I love being a missionary.
 Its one of the most life changing experiences anyone could have! Thank you so much for all that you do! The church is true!!
 I know it I know it I know it!!!

love, your dearest Sister Norton:)


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  1. Good to hear of your experiences. Missionaries are blessed and so are their families. We love and pray for you always. xoxo