Monday, June 9, 2014



 This week was very different than any of my other weeks of my mission. To say the least.. it was quite the journey and I learned a lot about how I know that Heavenly Father has us placed in certain spots and certain times to talk to people or to learn something from someone else. My comp was sick this past week and was having a hard time, and as I had to watch her struggle I learned about the importance of the atonement and my testimony of Jesus Christ was strengthened. I know that the Savior lives and I know that he died for us and I know that we have the ability to return to live with our Father in Heaven again.
Sister Millett and I had a very overwhelming experience of the spirit and we had it together which can really strengthen a companionship.

 The weather is continuing to be absolutely beautiful and almost a little bit too warm but hey NO COMPLAINTS. The sun sets around 9 here.. SO different but I love it so much. We were able to go to YW's this week with our investigators daughter and we had a blast! We played outdoor games with the young women and young men and then I want to play "down by the banks" so I tried gathering all of them together and you can just picture me being as loud as ever and everyone laughing at me... but when I told them this they all looked at me so strange and said oh we play it like this.. and they had some way different song they do it too. Weird Washington. but it was a funny moment. anyways moving on....

THE GOOD NEWS. our investigators. Hip hip hooray. they are so awesome and progressing so so much. I love to see how much they have changed since I first started to teach them.... they are holding their own family home evening tonight and have invited us over:)

ONE funny story that I do have is how much I love when we are knocking on doors and someone will just let us in and that happened this week. This Indian family said. SISTERS come in! so we did and we were having a good discussion with them and what not and then when I pulled out the Book Of Mormon they all looked shocked and then we had to clear things up again that.. no we do not believe in MORMON. but it was a tender mercy.... I love mostly learning about how so many others have such a strong faith in Christ. Its amazing.
Last night we were able to go to Cottage Meeting at the mission home and we had so much fun. Its one of the most powerful meetings I have ever been to. Hearing recent converts bear there testimony is such a awesome thing.

thanks for all the support and for all the love. I love you all so much.

have a great week all of you wonderful people!

love sister Norton:)

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