Monday, June 16, 2014

Earthly Father... Heavenly Father.... TRANSFERS.


  I just found out that I will be getting transferred. GULP. I am a little excited but also very sad to leave this ward and to say goodbye to Sister Millett. Oh and I am not excited to pack.. THE WORST. That's okay though because it will be good wherever I go! I feel like my Mission President will take me off bike which is SUPER SAD, but ya never know I could stay on bike.. CROSS your fingers that I DO I would LOVE THAT! I was able to say goodbye to a couple members yesterday because I had the feeling like I would leave.. I formed some really awesome relationships with them and it was sad to say bye... Brother Goodwin yelled at me and said... "NORRIS YOU ARE NOT LEAVING.. HUMBLE YOURSELF" yeah he's quite the jokester... I will miss this area but I guess its time for me to have a new adventure!

  Father's Day. Happy Father's DAY PAPA D! I love you very much. Church was really great yesterday and it was so neat to see all the little kids get up there and sing to their dads. I couldn't help but think of my dad and how grateful I am for you. I love you lots! but as I was amazed and so full of the love that you have for me I was also amazed at the love that my Father in heaven has for me and how I KNOW that he is so aware of me and the things that I am going through. I know that GOD lives and I know that we all have the potential to become like him. I know that IF we do our part GOD will do his. Our greatest desire in this life she be to align our will with his. it can be quite the challenge if you ask me, but its something that we must work on EACH DAY! We are here on Earth preparing to meet our maker. I love the gospel. ITS SUCH GREAT NEWS.

 This week was SUPER busy and SUPER crazy. It was a good way to end the transfer. We were able to get a lot of work done which felt so nice! it was one of those weeks where as soon as my head it the pillow I was out cold until 6:30 AM. One day we were out biking around and I was trying to look for this house and Sister Millett was ahead of me and randomly this man in a truck who was parked HONKED at me and scared me half to death... he then laughed and drove off... I was maybe just a little bit upset and frustrated.. HOW RUDE I thought... he then came back around and pulled up and said sorry... I looked at this man and started to laugh and told him since he honked at me he now had to listen:) he laughed and we had a lovely chat about our purpose and who we were and he kindly took a pamphlet! The lord does crazy things for his missionaries:)
  We were able to find a family this week and it was SO COOL. they are from Egypt and they just moved her about 12 days ago. They are so eager to learn and we had a our first lesson with them on Friday and it went super well.. a little crazy but they had so many great questions and it was cool to see them accept the Book of Mormon and they really wanted to start reading it. sad that I am leaving them.

  I want to end by writing something that I found this week. "the gospel is not weight, its WINGS.. IT CARRIES US". that is the truth. the gospel of Jesus Christ is wonderful. I love it. I know its true. We must be true to our faith and we will be blessed. I love you all so much! thanks for all the tremendous support and love. I love hearing from you:)

This is a picture of a couple in the ward who I love so much.
Brother and Sister Dains. They are wonderful:)
Love Sister Norton!

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