Monday, June 23, 2014

CANADA... ayyeeeee

Sister Norton, Nikki, Kathy & Eric
Goodbye Sister Millet
Sad to say goodbye to the boots...but it had to happen
Sad to say goodbye to Lynnwood and the wonderful ward. leaving an area can be compared to leaving home sweet home... its breaks your little heart. you create relationships and friendships with the most awesome people but also good can come from being put with a new companion and being in a new area.

Drum roll please.........

NEW AREA: Monroe... which is the Maltby ward and I came here on exchanges once, and I guessed that I was coming here so that's fun! it is so much bigger than my last 2 areas which is something that I am learning to get used to . Let me try to explain... my first area was the size of a frozen yogurt shop... then I went to Lynnwood which was the size of grocery store and now I am in Monroe which is the size of COSTCO times a hundred. ITS CRAZY!. So now you all understand. perfect!:) I am no longer on bike which is super sad.. being in car is the weirdest thing. My area is so beautiful and there are a lot of rural areas and in some parts the houses are so spread apart. The greenery is amazing and so breath taking. I came from a district of 3 sets of sisters and 1 set of elders and now I am in a district of just elders and then me and my companion.. very different.

NEW COMPANION: Sister Loose. She's from Canada... ayeeee! so many Canadian boarder patrol quotes that I could throw in right now.. but I won't. She is 20 and has been out for 13 months and I can not even explain to you all what she is like... super hilarious.. and a lot like the one and the only Mariam L Jensen only in a Canadian form. She is great and we get along!
yesterday we attended a meeting at church where I met the bishopric and he said.. "Sister Norton WELCOME to the ward.. you will be speaking NEXT Sunday" everyone started to laugh and he goes... "no I am not kidding... really you are speaking next Sunday" BAH. it will be awesome.

missionary work is hard but rewarding... there is a lot of finding to be done in this are and there are also a lot of less actives that we need to reactivate with children that have not been baptized. We are hoping that we will be able to work with those families. Pray for the work to increase! missionaries need your help more than you think and you probably all have way cool missionaries opportunities each day! That's. the challenge. try to talk to one person this week about the gospel. We as members of the Church need to be willing to share it with everyone. We need to live the gospel. This week I was able to understand the saying "HIS work not mine" and how me... Sister Norton must forget myself and go to work! I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. It brings so much happiness.
 Life is hard.... not the gospel. Church is true!:)
love you all!
Sister Norton:)

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