Sunday, August 3, 2014

God's beautiful creations


 Maltby..... Hmm how do I explain what it is like to you all... We are doing a ton of finding and having a tiny bit of success but the main thing that we are trying to do is to get the members more and more involved in missionary work:)

Week in review. this Tuesday the Ewings from my first ward someone got a hold of me and wanted to take me and Sister Loose out to lunch. It was a very fun time and it was really fun to hear about all the good things that are happening in my past area. I love that family very much!

miracles of the week! YAY. Heather. We saw her this past week and the conversation was going really well and we started to discuss about the Book of Mormon and she began to tell us she wanted to learn more and see what it was really about and then we set her up to take the discussions and she agreed! MIRACLE. We are hopefully going to be meeting with her this week and she has so much awesome amazing potential! The cool thing about her is the reason we were introduced to her was because of one of her friends gave her a Book of Mormon and introduced us to her. I am so grateful for members that are so bold! love it! one more miracle that happened was we were out walking and then out of no where this guy named Alex who we had set up to meet with the elders showed up and told us he was sorry because he didn't make it to church and then we had a really neat conversation with him and it was a total answer to our prayers because Heavenly Father placed him in our path!

I have a testimony about gods love for each of his children. The past couple weeks I have been able to care and love so many random people and I am so grateful for the ability that I have to be able to do that. I have just a tiny glimpse at how much Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of his children. one of my favorite things is when we will be talking to someone or in a lesson and the spirit in the room is so strong and this individual is able to communicate with heaven for possibly the first time in their lives or to feel something different at a time that they really needed it gods love is for everyone. no matter what.

oh and we had dinner with a member this week and Seattle elders were there and that was quite interesting. okay.. it was just strange. it was a 3 pack and they were ASL. they cover 3 missions.. CRAZY!!!

"there is JOY guaranteed for the FAITHFUL" joy.. and happiness are 2 different things.. and we can each have both. I know that god is always always there for us. and I am so grateful fort eh strength that he gives me.

I hope that we can have a GOOD week and find people searching for something this week!thanks for all the prayers. Love you all!

Sister Norton

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