Monday, August 25, 2014

a whole new word up...NORTH

I LOVE it up here. I really never want to leave. It's possible that it's so much different then the rest of my areas that I have ever served in. Now that I know a little bit more about where I am and what not its just been great. We are super close to Canada and apparently people get frustrated with the Canadians because they come across the boarder and take everything such as all the gas, milk and clothes. anyways i just thought that would be a fun thought to throw in for you all. We are about 15 minutes away from the ocean and a island that is called Lummi. It is so cool and so beautiful. There is a reservation in our area but that is for the elders to proselyte on. They have many investigators that are from different tribes that come to church and they often have to meet with the chief in order for them to teach on the Res. its pretty cool. We took a ferry this week to Lummi Island and it a stretch of about 9 miles i think and i felt like i was up the canyon and then you look out and BAM.. hello there's the ocean. Its amazing.

 We were able to find 3 new investigators this past week. 2 were through tracting and 1 was a girl who is 16 who's mom is less active. Something that blows my mind is how many people that we talk to a day that either have a relative that's a member or they will have  a friend that's a member. It gives us a great way to continue the conversation and i love that.. BUT then i realize how KEY their friends or family members are at encouraging and inviting them to learn more and to simply just be that example to them. We should also strive to be DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ at ALL times... no matter where we are or what we are doing. This is a process.. it is not just a one time thing. I am going to work on being better at that this week:) 

We had a really cool Zone Conference with our Mission President this past week. Those are ALWAYS really good and a spiritual overload that's for sure. We talked a lot about trusting in the lord and to understand the importance behind our sacred calling that we have been called to do. I LOVE being a missionary and spreading the gospel. Some of the missionaries who would be going home soon bore their testimonies and by the end almost everyone was in tears.. the only way i can describe it is a QUIET POWER. The spirit works in many different ways for different people but i just felt it differently this past week. I know that the atonement is for everyone. and by learning the atonement and by coming to understand what it really is we will have a greater conviction to share the gospel. 

I LOVE FERNDALE. LOVE it LOVE it. LOVE it. Love the people and the small town that it is. Such a different feeling and i wouldn't want to be anywhere else doing anything else. I love you all and i am so grateful for the emails and letters that i receive of support and for the prayers. My companion and i were talking this week about how we are always prayed for EVERYDAY and what a blessing that is. CHURCH IS TRUE. 

Love Sister Norton:) 

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