Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Oh my good gracious. SO MUCH to say in so little of time. Ferndale is theeeee best and i love it up here. We had another fantastic week with so much to do and so many wonderful eventful things that occurred! Some things that crossed my mind this week.. I thought to myself as i was making my bed.. man life is so great! i have wanted to go on a mission for so long and here i am doing what i have always wanted to do!:) Another thing that Sister Davis and I were talking about were all of the SEEN and UNSEEN forces that we feel and have each and everyday. We KNOW with everything that we have help with all that we do. It's crazy to think that Heavenly Father just says alright you 2 nineteen year old girls.. GOOD LUCK! I feel his love for me, for the people, and for the work. I feel so honored and so privileged to be doing HIS work.

We had so much to do this week and we felt like we were just going and going... and finally one night when we got to bed we said to eachother... hey... Lets talk about our day and what happened... it was pretty funny because then we finally had time to talk as a companionship and go over what went well. It feels good to be so busy and to be on the Lords errand. It's a type of happiness that you cant get anywhere else and I really cant describe the feelings that you are able to have as a missionary.. I feel like i understand things a whole lot better and on a different level then i used to be able to. I love it here. LOVE IT. One of the days this week we had 2 dinners pretty much back to back.. one with a active family and then one with one of our investigators and we had about 30 minutes in between to go to an appointment and then to rush off to dinner again. lets just say that was a crazy great night! 

We had a really insightful lesson with on of our investigators this week.. she is reading from the Book of Mormon and loves it, and has had a problem with praying out loud and we were finally able to have her pray out loud with specific questions. I have such a strong testimony about this. I know that when we ask for specific things and are asking for truth we will be able to  gain truth and a better understanding of things:) The spirit works in many different ways but one thing that it always does is testify of truth. 

Im so grateful for the members here. They are so missionary minded and we are going to continue to work with them. When we bring members with us to lessons and they are able to bear testimony a different light goes off for the investigator and its really cool to see. Church will always be true. 

Last but not least. The Bishop feed us this week and it was delicious. FRESH CRAB.. SO GOOD. one of the elders hated it.. and it was hilarious.... but Sister Davis and i loved it. love you all!:) 
Love sister Norton:) 

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