Monday, September 22, 2014

i love love love it here! ferndaleeeeeeeee

All is well all is well. We were able to have such a fantastic week and it was filled with miracles. I feel like i say that every week but every day is full of miracles no matter how big or how small. The Lords hand is defiantly in this work and that is what makes it so great. Sorry this is going to be short!

Tuesday we had a lesson with Jennifer and it was amazing. We were teaching her about the importance of the Book of Mormon which I have a testimony of. I love the Book of Mormon and every day that I read it I am able to gain so much from it. Seriously. It's almost like a new light goes on! I know that sounds so cheesy but it is so true. So as we were teaching, one thing led to the next and then she looked at us and said..."well what do I have to do to be a member?!" ha. WHAT!!! I hurried and pulled out my nifty missionary planner and then we were able to set her on date for baptism. She is so prepared to start a new life and I am just so thrilled for her and I feel so blessed to be able to work with people like her. She told us that she is just like a sponge and that she is wanting to learn and learn. I know that as we continue to work with her she will be able to be prepared to be baptized soon:) October 11th is the day and we are hoping that it all works out! 

Then... the strangest thing happened this week. We had interviews with President Bonham and we were in one of our break out sessions and I walked out of the room to grab something (this was on a Thursday during the middle of the day) and as I walked out.. I saw our investigator in the building. WHAT!? I looked at him and said.. "what are you doing here?" then he looked at me and said... Sister Norton... "what are you doing here?" I then said... ha. Nooooo,. what are you doing here... then he began to tell me and my companion how God led him here and then we was in a room full of missionaries and then we went back to being taught and then all of the sudden my investigator was getting taught on how to become a better missionary and missionaries were role playing on him and then he would give them feedback about what kind of missionaries Sister Davis and I are.. yep. it was just a little crazy and I couldn't believe it! but. it was a fun experience. 

Then last but not least another one of our investigators made it out to church this Sunday and said the coolest thing to me as the Sacrament was being passed... as she took the bread she turned to me and said... "that's the first time I've done that... it felt really cool" it was almost like a wave of emotion came over me when she said that. 

I love the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love being a missionary. I love Washington. and I love you all. 

Lets all try to be a little better at noticing others that may need a helping hand this week:) 

Love Sister Norton

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