Monday, September 8, 2014


Constant. And. Never-ending. Improvement.
oh and we are both staying in Ferndale:)

 You could say that has defiantly been Sister Davis's and my motto for the past couple weeks. We have it written everywhere in our apartment to remind us that we have always room to improve. I have learned so many valuable things so far on my mission but that has to be a big one. The fact that a loving Heavenly Father sees us so individually and loves us personally and sees our true potential and wants us so badly to return to live with him and we can as long as we continue to progress. I have learned that I am so inadequate for so many things but that's whats so great about the always have room for improvement and the sooner you realize that the better things seem to go:) 

  It's really a neat and wonderful thing when you start to realize and understand more fully just how God works and how it is in His timing and not mine. We were able to find an investigator this past week. her name is Elizabeth and she was meeting with missionaries a couple years ago but had to suddenly move and then just lost complete contact with them, but then we received a referral from some elders and they told us to go see if she was interested. We went over to her house to only find that she wasnt home:( We had her number so we decided we would give her a call. She answered and told us to come back the next morning.. we were able to help her out with her yard and dug out alot of blackberry bushes which was challenging but rewarding. Then we sat down and had a wonderful discussion. She told us that the other day when we called right before that happened she had just prayed asking God what she should do and then her phone rang. WOW. It was so crazy to hear and as I sat there I just had to let it all sink in. Woah. I love being a missionary. I love serving and helping others and bringing them into the gospel. I know that God is aware of us and that this is truly His work.

Yesterday we had an amazing sacrament meeting where the cutest little boy got up to bear his testimony and he said. "wellll blessing are pretty much like stars.. there's almost too many for us to COUNT" it was neat how just a simple sentence from a 9 year old boy brought in the spirit so strongly in such a reverently way and the whole rest of the meeting was strong. 

also. funny things that happened.. we had to chase after a runaway dog.. that was fun.. one of our investigators rapped a bible song to us and everyone in F
erndale heard it.. ahahah a car pulled up to us and said.. HEY are your girls doing a bible study?! then the lady looked at her husband and said.. "honey.. their MORMON.. then he suddenly drove offf.. ahha sometimes you just have to laugh. sister davis and i tried to donate blood... and some lady thought we were in junior high.. OUCH. 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that as we are obedient we will come to truly know God. I believe Christ. LOVE YOU ALLL!!! 
Love Sister Norton

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