Monday, September 15, 2014

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"there's a difference between knowing the gospel and being converted"

  Crazy story. I was reading in the September ensign this morning and lo and  behold...... Scott Featherstone's name was in it talking about Lori his amazing wife and I looked at my companion and said.. "OH MY GOSH..  I KNOW THESE PEOPLE" it was super awesome! made me so happy!:) 
  We had a good, busy, tiring, very very eventful week! SO many miracles big and small and so many people that are accepting the gospel more and more. always looking and trying to find more people though:) My birthday was great... didn't really feel like a birthday but we did have cake and one of my investigators sang... when I saw sang he more like YELLED happy birthday to me. It was a very unforgettable and hilarious moment. I can't believe that I am 20! Weird.

 This same investigator saw us walking that day and came up to us and screamed and scared us so bad that I almost slapped him just because it was my reaction. but I didn't. so no worries. September in Washington is super beautiful and perfect weather:)

some cool stories to update you all on. We were in a lesson this week with a couple of our investigators and we were reading in the Book of Mormon with them and one of their friends was in the living room watching t.v and as we started to read he muted it and listened it. so interesting and then we were having a discussion about how god answers our prayers and we said the closing prayer and we were about to leave when the guy walked up to us and shook our hands and began to tell us that he had a friend who served a mission and he was the coolest guy that he knows. This just goes to show that we are examples in EVERYTHING that we do. It was a really neat experience. 

another investigator that we are working with is Jennifer. She was raised in a family to be anti-Mormon so its a really interesting case and this week we had a lesson with her where she brought all the things that we needed to know to the surface and we were able to resolve her concerns and then we committed her to come to church and she came!  nothings can be compared to when you know someone is feeling the spirit and you know exactly what the lord needs them to hear and you are just a mouth piece. One of our members even bought her, her own quad with her name on it!:) she is great! 
everyone should go watch Elder Bednars talk on turning the trickle into a flood its super good and he gives so many good tips on sharing the gospel via the internet";) 

church is true. love love love you alllllllllllll

LOVE Sister Norton

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