Monday, August 18, 2014

SURPRISE!!...ferndale :)

Oh my gosh. I literally have no idea where oh where i can even begin. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED and its week four in the transfer... i have learned to just expect the unexpected...

SO. here we go. LONG STORY SHORT. It was Thursday night and we were in an appointment when we received 2 missed calls from the Assistants and a voicemail. We were just a little bit confused and had no idea why they were calling us... so heres what happened. They ended up telling us that i would be getting transfered and that my companion would be going half spanish and half english. i was in complete shock. they told me to pack up my stuff and to meet at the mission office the following evening at 5. Then they told me the good news.. i would be going to FERNDALE... and that i would be with S. Davis who has been out fro 2 months. I wasnt so sure what to think but then i was completely at peace with it all and it just all made sense and i was excited. I packed up my things the following day and i was off with another spanish sister who was going home. we said our goodbyes and i went to another place to spend the night to meet my new companion.. and then finally the following morning we made our way up to Ferndale.. it was about a hour and half ride and it  was BEAUTIFUL. My first time up north and i NEVER want to leave. The ward i am in now is split between sisters and elders and the elders cover a part that has islands on it.. BUT this friday we are going out there to visit a less active lady in the ward and in order for us to get to her house we have to take a 7 minute boat ride.. WOOT WOOT. The feeling up here is just so different.. you can smell and feel the ocean.. or at least i think that i can. We are about 15 minutes away from the Canadian border. 

I dont think i want to leave. It so different up here and i love the small town feeling. People seem to be a lot more receptive to us and our teaching pool is so much bigger which is a TENDER MERCY for sure. I am loving it so much. My companion is so great. She is 19. her name is Sister Davis and shes from AZ. She's an amazing missionary and we get along super great. Its fun to get to know new sisters in the mission. We live in a townhouse and its so much bigger than my last 2 apartments. ITS HUGE. It was maybe just a tad bit crazy to leave Monroe so fast. I was excited for the things that we were able to be doing down there and i was getting close to the ward members and it was weird because i didnt even have any time to say goodbye.. to really anyone. But i do know that i am needed somewhere else and that my mission is not about me. I love being on the Lords time and not my own. Its a wonderful experience. I love the gospel and i know that it is so true! 

I LOVE YOU ALL! thanks for all the support and for being awesome! 


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