Monday, November 10, 2014


Oh the joys of being a sister missionary, riding a bike in a skirt, and then being in Washington!:) Its great! We have heard that this week some crazy cold weather will be coming in from Alaska. That will be fun. We are still seeing some BEAUTIFUL DAYS! I love when we see the gorgeous blue sky and the sun hit the evergreen trees in the right way. Its beautiful up here in Ferndale. I LOVE IT! 

 SO many wonderful things are happening here and i don't even know where to start! First. Elizabeth. WOW. That's all i want to say. This women has so much faith its so amazing. We were able to teach her the stop smoking program this past week and she agreed to ALL of it. She told us that even though her family is making fun of her she knows this is something good for her, and even though her family thinks she has to give up her favorite things she told us that she knows she is changing her life for the better. Day 4 without smoking. GOOOO Elizabeth. We were able to make some fun signs(picture attached) for her to hang up all over her house. The best feeling was when she walked into church this past Sunday and we were talking with her and she told us... "yeah i was outside yesterday and there were people smoking and it smelt GROSS and i couldn't believe that i used to do that" Oh i just started to laugh. I know that Heavenly Father is answering our prayers and hers as well and is continuing to give her the strength that she needs to overcome her addiction. It's something else to be able to witness right before my eyes someone completely changing their lives for the better. The atonement is real. That's all for Elizabeth. SHE is doing SUPER! 

The Carlson's. Oh my goodness. This family is a tender mercy from the Lord. They are grasping on to the gospel. The parents are returning to activity, Rosa is trying to teach my companion and I Spanish, which is hilarious. She is now becoming the driving force for the family when just a short 3 weeks ago she wasn't so sure about it all and now she is loving it and wanting to feed us and its to fun!:) We were in a lesson with them the other day and one of the boys ran out, and I looked at the dad and asked if we should wait.. and so we sat there for a second.. then this little boy comes out with loads of gel in his hair and we all just started laughing... oh i guess you just had to be there. BUT one last funny story about them. we were talking about when they should get baptized and then the 2 boys and Rosa started talking in Spanish (not fair because we have no clue what they are saying) BUT my junior high classes paid off and listening to Natasha and Dad becasue then one of the little boys said.. Deciembre FRIO!! i looked at them and said.. "WAIT did you just say its going to be COLD in December."? yesssss. I laughed and told them they wouldnt have to get baptized in the ocean! hahah to funny. They all were able to come to church this week and stayed all three hours. I love to see investigators and returning members take the sacrament for the first time. It's an overwhelming experience for them and for me as the missionary. i cant even begin to describe how cool( i should really find a better word) but really how cool it is to see the gospel change peoples lives. To be apart of the transformation is a blessing.  I have so much love for this people. It's so comforting to know that the savior freely gave himself for each of us. I know that his atonement is real. I know that he lives!

Lastly the other night we were out knocking on doors, and it was pouring rain and i was just a little bit cold, and it was pitch dark. we said a little prayer and knocked on a coupld doors and no luck. Then we went up to the second floor and knocked on a door where this little boy answered. We asked for his mom and she came and we starting talking and told who we were and so on.. then come to know she looked at us and said... Yeah. well. ... im actually a member. WHAT. She told us more and then it ended with us getting all her information and she wants to meet with the bishop. WHAT!? The miracles come when we have worked for them. I would love to say that i see miracle after miracle after miracle, but i see the miracles when i have struggled and tried my hardest... its at those times that heavenly father trusts us and blesses us with people who are ready to receive us. its truly amazing. The work of the lord is hard, but so worth it. I really wouldnt want to be anywhere else but here. LOVE YOU ALLL!! 

Love sister Norton:) 

p.s. sometimes people think i am the girl from the dugger show?? great.

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