Monday, November 17, 2014

Charity is all you need


Oh how lovely it is to email all of the people that you love so dearly. I have finally gotten the swing of this thing that you call missionary work. It has defiantly been a marathon of learning and every day is a journey, but i wouldn't trade any of the experiences that i have had for anything else. I have learned first and for most how to trust in my father in heaven and to rely on my savior Jesus Christ. He really is my best friend. I come closer to him through reading the Book of Mormon. As i was reading this week i was in 2 Nephi... oh which can be rough.. especially for me because i am trying my hardest to really understand Isaiah and it is HARD. BUT it was really cool because each morning right before i read i would pray and ask Heavenly Father to just show me one thing that i could learn and he totally did. Awesome!  I know that god hears and answers our prayers. 

 This week we were blessed with miracle after miracle after miracle. It was the craziest thing.  was filled with the love for this people more than i had ever before felt. I truly felt like Nephi this week. In 2 Nephi ch. 33:3 we read 
But I, Nephi, have written whahave written, and esteem itas of great worthand especially unto my people. For pray continually for them by day, and mine eyes water my pillow by night, because of them; and cry unto my God in faithand know that he will hear my cry.
yep. i have felt that this week. its been really neat but also really hard. I so wish that every single person could just grasp on to the gospel and would listen to us. But it really isn't that easy. We were out the other day and we had the neatest experience. Lets begin. We came to a door and Monica answered. She began to tell us that she went to local church around here and that she had already tried to listen to the Mormons before and that she just wasn't interested. all of a sudden the next thing i knew was that she asked for a phamplet and wanted to learn more. Its moments like those where you just know that it wasn't you talking it was the spirit and those moments are priceless. it makes up for all those hard days. those 5 minutes when someone listens, it turns your whole world around. 

Elizabeth. WOW SHE DID IT. She quit smoking. She is amazing and is on track to be baptized in the first week of December. It is the coolest thing to work with someone who has all these outside forces that are working against them and yet they know that this is the path they need to take in their life.

Silver family. wow. Saturday For the past couple of weeks we have been trying to see this family in the ward who are less active. We decided to see them on Saturday and to our surprise we got in! don't know how that happened but we did and we were able to teach their son who is not a member who is 10 the restoration. It was the neatest thing because as we taught we saw the light turn back on in this mothers eyes. When we got to the picture about Joseph Smith this little boy got quiet. For a moment i thought he had stopped listening. Then he sat there for a moment... looked up at us and said. "wow.... so this really happened to him?"  the spirit filled the room and we were able to testify to him how we had come to know and how he could do the same thing. We then had him say our closing prayer and it was the first time this little boy had prayed. such a sweet prayer and right after the mom invited us back over next Saturday

i have been a little bit all over the place in this email. SORRY! I want you all to know how much i have been able to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ truly blesses families. it is so much fun to be able to go into different homes and see how families work. oh the things you learn on a mission. Its life changing and i have no clue where i would be without this experience. Its been an amazing year! i know that with the Strength of the Lord i can do hard things. 

i love missionary work. Let us all try a little harder this week to reach out to those that are in need. become TRUE disciples of Jesus Christ. 

love you love you! 
Love sister Norton.. 

p.s. we wear this vest at night so we don't get run over and it gives us a way to talk to more people! 

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