Monday, December 15, 2014

"Welcome to EVERETT"

Hello Hello:)

 This week has been a learning and refining week. It is so humbling to come into a new area where you hardly know where you are going, who you are going to see, and how to work with your companion. The coolest part about it all is that as I have put in all that I could this week we were so blessed with so many wonderful tender mercies and so many miracles! I love serving in Everett with Sister Johnson. She is a crack up and so patient with me:) grateful for companions! The area is so huge and we have so much work to do! So many people to be seen and so many children of God that need and want the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

 Week in Review:

 Tuesday: HOLY SMOKES. 2 words. ELDER CARDON, front row and center. okay maybe more than 2. Anyways. back to Tuesday. Elder Cardon from the 70 came to our mission so speak and address us. We went at 8 in the morning and finished at 3! yes. you could say it was "spiritually exhausting", every moment of that meeting was truly inspired. We all went away with a new and different perspective from chapter 4 in Preach My Gospel. The spirit is a very strong and powerful thing. I love it. I learned so much that I will have to share when I have more thing that he talked about was the process that happens when the general authorities decide where missionaries are to serve. It was mind blowing. I had heard it before and read it many times but for some reason hearing it form him was different.

 We went on exchanges and I got to go with the same sister that I went with up in Ferndale because we both got transferred into the Samae Zone which is awesome. We spent the whole day on bike talking to everyone that we could handing out He is the Gift cards. It was pouring rain and we still managed to talk to 40 people! the lord blessed us in so many ways. I love seeing his hand in this wonderful work! also we drove past Boeing.. it was the first time I had ever seen it. Yep. crazy. its like a small city! HUGE.

I love love love sharing the gospel. I know I sound like such a missionary but its true! Its the most rewarding thing. I love knowing my purpose and why I am here. The mission is for every person that is willing to give it their all. It has been a refining time for me in my life. I love being in the scriptures daily and bearing my testimony frequently. I love to hear investigators pray for the first time.. they know who they are talking to. I love, loving people for no reason and caring so much for them. I have learned the importance of this... When you are helping someone... you should really help them and serve even if no one else is watching.

We have encountered so many neat experiments and It is my hope that they will continue to happen. I love the Christmas season. I know that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he is my savior and redeemer.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! talk to you soon.. ahhhhh CHRISTMAS!!

Love, Sister Norton:)

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