Monday, December 29, 2014

What a CHRISTMAS Week :)

It was so so great to be able to talk with you all on Christmas. Such a wonderful Christmas gift that is given to us as missionaries. I enjoyed every second. Dad. I have been thinking A LOT about your question and the day after Christmas that is actually all I studied about. I was truly thinking about the importance of Repentance. As I contemplate why there is such a need for it after we are baptized the thought that comes to mind is what Erika and Natasha and i think all of us were thinking is the need for CHANGE. here are all my thoughts. We desire to return and live with our FATHER in Heaven again and time and time again we are told that we cannot "enter into his rest" if we are unclean. Yes it is important to ask for forgiveness for the things that we have done that are wrong but as my companion and i were teaching one of our investigators(Randi) who is 71 we both had inspiration when the thought crossed her head that she not only needs to repent of what she has done wrong but also of what she hasn't done. I hope i am making sense. I think that is SO TRUE! not only is repentance about being forgiven and having that guilt removed but its about CHANGING and really changing to become like our Savior Jesus Christ. more to come on that later;) 

WOW! we had such a week. We met with the McNamara family who is so amazing. We were teaching about the Book of Mormon and towards the end the parents looked up at both of us and said... "okay.. SO.. how will we know when we are ready"! WHAT!? They have talked a lot about how this is just the right time for their family. I love hearing that. I love seeing when FAMILIES are so ready to grasp on to the gospel and just HOLD on. It is so important to help others stay active in the church. That's a life long calling:) Let's strive to be better at reaching out to those that are in need of something this week! 

We have had so many neat opportunities past week to share the gospel. We met a man named Kennedy who is from Cambodia. HE speaks little English but we were able to teach him the restoration. It was such a powerful lesson as he read the first vision in Cambodian. I could truly feel the spirit and we know that he felt it too. He was able to come to church this week and it was so cool to sit next to him and watch him try to listen so close to what others were saying. 

one funny story before i end. We are helping Randi prepare for baptism and she seems to be so ready but their are a few things that she is still working on to know. She came to church yesterday and we were talking with her and out of no where she looked up at us and said.. "ya know what, I think i am coming closer to entering into Gods bathtub" Oh my goodness. It had to have been such an unforgettable moment. I couldn't tell if i wanted to laugh or cry because of what she had just said to us. I love that. I love when they finally get it and they understand that its for them and they have their own testimony of it. 

My testimony of the gospel has increased. I have such a deeper love for the Book of Mormon. I love feeling so accomplished at the end of the day. It is truly a feeling you just cant describe.!
love you all so much. thank you for all the prayers and all the support. I can feel them:)

Sister Norton

The picture is of Janet. she thought it would be fun for me to look like an African

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