Monday, December 8, 2014

Well it happened...... Transfers

Okay. Oh goodness. I have now been in Everett for almost a week. OH YEAH. I got transferred!! i found out last week right after i finished emailing. I defiantly wasn't thinking that i would get transferred, and i wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to Ferndale and all of the people there. I really gained a huge love for the members, the investigators and for pretty much everything! I learned so much there and i was hard to say goodbye.  SO i went home and packed up and then made my rounds and said my goodbyes to everyone... and then i was off the next day to the mission home to find out my new companion and my new area. You could say i was a little nervous but also excited. I was handed my slip and read the new area and companion and i couldn't believe it. Sister Johnson! YES! I had to do a double take and then say a prayer of gratitude. I love this sister missionary. We have served in the same area at different times and also we were in the same district. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! She is so much fun to serve with and we are having a blast together!

 EVERETT. So since i was called to serve in the EVERETT Washington mission i guess it only makes since that i will finally serve in EVERETT. We are in a car and have bikes. Its a very LARGE area FULL of lots of people which is SUPER great! We have a lot of good things happening here. I am just making my way of remembering things and getting to know the area better. I feel like my whole mission heavenly father has really blessed me to remember more than i could  have ever wished for. I love being on the Lords errand and just being the mouthpiece for him. A mission has to be hard because it requires us and allows us only to grow and to become better. The gospel of Jesus Christ is my favorite. I love the simplicity behind it all. Sorry this is so short. I am short on time! I promise next week will be better. 

Love Sister Norton

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