Monday, February 9, 2015

Humility, Obedience, and Listening

Oh hello! " the rains came down and the floods came up" I remember this from last year, riding on bike in the rain! There is no better way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the look people give us... and what they say. Sometimes all I can do is laugh. It has been a constant drizzle/ mist for the past 8 days... I think, but that's why the motto here in the mission is.. "YOU MAKE YOUR OWN SUNSHINE" We have defiantly done that this week. 

For instance the other day we saw a sign saying that anyone was welcome to come help clean at the commons park for service hours. SCORE. We thought it would be a AWESOME opportunity to get out and do some service in our area. We woke up that morning to it raining and we decided to go anyways. We had no idea what to expect, when we showed up there were 2 people there and they greeted us with HUGE smiles and were so grateful that we showed up. It was a blast weeding in the rain, we got to know a couple of great people and then towards that end as we were leaving this man came up to us and said.. "ya know, you 2 just really made the Mormons look good" Service is the key to making one happy and lifting your spirits as you lift others. I have loved learning that:) 

crazy story: one time we tried seeing an inactive women for a couple weeks and she was never home.. then suddenly one evening we received a phone call from the hospital telling us that she would love for missionaries to come by and see her. She was unable to talk and the women said that after writing down the message that she would like "Mormon missionaries" she quickly called us. We were happy to go visit with her. As she wrote down things on her whiteboard we began to have a lovely conversation... the spirit filled the hospital room as we read from the Book of Mormon and reassured her that she had a father in heaven who loved her very much, and that everything was going to be okay. Then fast forward a couple weeks later.. we were given an assignment by the relief society to go see her at home and to see if everything was going well... we knocked on the door and a women answered... not the same women at the hospital... we asked for her by name and she responded.. That's me. Sister Johnson and I were both so confused and were speechless...  we began to tell her what was going on and she laughed.. it was pretty crazy and that is when we learned that sometimes you do things and you don't know why you do them but you listen to the spirit and you continue forward. We still don't know who the women was in the hospital that we visited but we do know that it was indeed somewhere that we needed to be. 

I have been such a conference junkie this past week and I came across so many good things! I do have such a strong testimony of the importance behind my subject title. HUMILITY, OBEDIENCE, and LISTENING. These 3 things are very crucial for each of us to develop and to have. I like to think of them as a formula for ETERNAL HAPPINESS. if we are humble we are ridding ourselves of the natural man and becoming more like the savior in our thoughts and actions, when we obey gods commandments and read and study the scriptures we are filled with the spirit and when we listen to those prompts we will be guided and we will know what to do! ahhhh:) its wonderful but it is also something we much always work on. 
here is the hard part.. 
" hearing the words of the Lord through the Spirit is more than felling His promptings. It is acting according to those promptings. 
we have to act and do something! 

I love this gospel. I have a strong testimony of it and I know that it is all true. IT just has to be:) 
love love love you all!
thank you for all the encouraging words and for all the prayers. They do not go unnoticed. 
you are all AWESOME!!
your dearest. 
Sister Norton

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