Monday, February 23, 2015

the phone call.....

What a crazy week that it truly has been. I don't even know where i should begin. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my thoughts are pretty much everywhere due to a couple changes that i have just found out about but hey.. that's the mission for ya! I feel like I have become a lot better at dealing with stress, which might surprise a lot of you! But it is the truth! 3 cheers for the story that you are all about to hear.. 

This week was filled with many crazy opportunities, helping sister Johnson prepare for the return home, helping her pack,(missionaries truly collect so many things and nobody knows why), finding, teaching, and having miracles, and then going to a different area while sister Johnson went to a seminar for all the returning missionaries, and here is where my story begins. I had the opportunity to be with a sister who was barley finishing her training. as we were studying together that morning i was looking through the training booklet and for some reason the words went through my head,, "wow i think training would be stressful, and then again it said.. "it is, but it will be just fine". WHAT?! So then i got a little nervous thinking about ALL the possibilities and i decided to just worry about the then and the now. So i did! Sister Morring and I had a great day together in her area, miracles and teaching and it went quite well. I went back to my area with Sister Johnson and went on with our day. Then i forgot about what i had experienced that morning. The next morning we woke up and Sister Johnson went to the phone and started screaming out of so much excitement... now i was really confused because she was not much a morning person and she was jumping on my bed and read the words in the text to me.... SURPRISE! 

If you haven't already guessed... I'm going to be training this next transfer! WOOT WOOT. I cant believe it and i am so nervous but i am also so excited. There are 4 new sisters coming into the mission and i will have the privilege of being able to train. Also i got word that I am moving apartments. But i know that everything is in the Lords hands and that it will all be great! I have no idea what to expect but I cant wait for everything that is about to happen. I do know that this is the Lords work and that he qualifies us for anything and i truly have been able to see that throughout the course of my mission. There have been so many times for Heavenly Father has put me through things that i would never think i could go through and then after all is said and done i come out a new person. I know that it sounds so cheesy but its so true and I am grateful for the opportunities that i have been given. 

I cant wait to see what lies ahead! I know it is going to be such an awesome experience! 

This week was an amazing last week that Sister Johnson and I were able to have together, we were able to reach standards of excellence, and have 6 of our investigators come to church. That was amazing! The weather has been great and things just keep getting better and better! 
I have also really increased in my studies this week and have gained a better understanding of the scriptures and preach my gospel. When i have good studies my day just seems to be that much better. That is the power of the book of Mormon and the power of personal prayer. 

sorry this is so scattered! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

love, Sister Norton

P.S. never forget that God understands us and knows what we are going through, no matter how large or how small. 

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