Monday, March 2, 2015


WOW... What a week:)
the end.

hahahahahahahahaha okay just kidding, i will tell you all briefly what is going on.

Last Monday and Tuesday I think are pretty much a blurr, so let me just get to the fun part.
Transfers go a lot differently when you come into the mission or when you are called to be a trainer. It truly felt like an out of body experience, and it almost didn't seem real. You usually arrive to transfers and receive the name of your new companion and then you are off to your area to go to work:) but with training you wait and you wait for President Bonham to interview all the new missionaries and to see who should train who. you then go into the chapel where the trainers sit on one side of the chapel and the trainees sit on the other. I couldn't believe that i wasn't the new missionary. It felt like yesterday that i was the one being trained. As we all patiently wait there President Bonham will say the new of one of the new missionaries and will tell them their area and their first companion:) then you meet in the middle and HUG
Sister Dalley is my new companion:) She is from Logandale Nevada and is simply amazing. We get along so well and we have had such an amazing week together. I am sure that she came pre-trained. We are getting moved into our new place which has been a lot of fun. I am still serving in the same area i just had to pack up and leave my place because they closed down 15 apartments in our mission. A lot of missionaries went home and not a lot came out. We need more missionaries:)

Change. That is something that i really wanted to talk about. I could go on and on about all the amazing little experiences that we have had this week ranging from investigators coming to church, helping others understand the truthfulness of this gospel and so on, but the thing that has really stuck with me this week is the person that i have become this past year. They say the mission changes you. and they are right. The mission does change you IF you let it. It sounds so cheesy but i really don't know where i would be if I wouldn't have made the decision to serve a mission, and to leave at the time that i did. I have a strong testimony of the Heavenly Fathers plan for me and for his children and I have faith and I know that when we put our trust in him things will always work out. The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about change and that is  all part of the plan. We are to become what the Lord wants us to become. I know that through the small and simple things we can achieve TRUE happiness. I love being a missionary. It is THE most fulfilling thing that i have ever done in my entire life. It takes hard work and dedication and i love that. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be with Sister Dalley,. She has already taught me so much and I love that. I know that we can always grow no matter where we are in life.
I love you all!:)
Love Sister Norton

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