Monday, March 30, 2015

another wonderful week.....

First things first!!! if you haven't watched this video you need to watch it NOW.
WOW! I am pretty sure that my companion and I were counting down the days so that we would finally be able to watch it! It was absolutely amazing and we are so excited that we get to watch it with so many of our investigators and have them feel the spirit and Easter. CAN you believe that it is almost Easter. I feel like it was just Easter and now it is here again. Crazy how time flies.
Quick updates: Masae Paul got baptized this week:) (pictured attached) p.s. they are marshalese, so that is probably why i look like an extra giant in this picture;)  It was so neat though. Just before her baptism we had such a neat lesson with her and she talked about how ready and nervous and excited that she was to change her life:) He brother was able to baptize her and we were able to have her Niece Miako get baptized as well. You could say it was a wonderful Saturday, especially because then later that night we got to go to the women's conference which i love so much. I love feeling the sisterhood!:)
The following Sunday was her confirmation and long behold the Bonhams came! WHAT! It was so neat to see them walk into the ward that i was serving in. They will sometimes go to confirmations to be present and it was so great that he was able to be apart of her confirmation:) Then We had the opportunity to speak to the youth all about missions. It was a fun little Q&A and it allowed me to do a lot of reflecting on the past 16 months of my life. I still am in awe with the fact that i am a missionary. There are those moments where it hits me. I have really been able to strengthen the testimony that i already had. I know that it was there before my mission but i do know that i have changed. I love the trials and hard times that i have had to go through because then i am able to really and truly come to know my savior Jesus Christ and what he really did for me. Also i have a better understanding of how the greatest gift that God gave us was our agency, and the best gift that we can give him is our agency in return. We do that through baptism. We truly need to me able to align our will with his.
I do LOVE love love love you all very much. I am so excited to be able to listen to conference this upcoming week. How lucky we truly are to know that we have a prophet on the earth who will not lead us astray!
I have also been able to really improve on my studies in the scriptures this past week. I love love love them and i want to always improve, but i notice the better my prayers are and my studies the better my whole day goes!
okay. have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Norton
funny story.. we texted our 70 year old investigator this week to remind her to read and pray and she texted us back..
THANK YOU MOM. hahah I thought someone would think that was funny.

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