Monday, March 16, 2015

the happiness continues!

I love it here.
 I just love it here. I really can't complain about anything. I am serving in a great ward, i have a great companion, a great area so many great people to work with and i just love the feeling i get after a long day. I feel so fulfilled and i love that the most. I know my purpose and i know what i am supposed to be doing. I love Washington:)  It's almost freaking my out how happy i am, but i am just going with it.
WHAT an amazing week! I think i have mentioned this before but we are working with a family who is from the Marshall Islands. They are so much fun. It is so funny, because when i walk into their apartment i feel like i am in a completely different culture. They are so accepting of the teachings of the church, and that is always a good sign, but my companion and i really wanted to make sure that they had their own testimonies of the things we were teaching. One of the women we are teaching name is Masae Paul and we had the most amazing lesson with her, after we had taught the plan of salvation to her she looked up at us and said... "sisters... now i understand and know where i came from" Its those little tiny moments that make everything so worth it.
The next amazing miracle this week was meeting with Kennedy. HE is from Cambodia and is doing so well:) He is starting to change so much and open up so much with us. I love that as well, i love seeing the change the gospel brings into others lives. He came to a baptism this Saturday and after the baptism ended he looked at us and said "OHHHHHHH IMPORTANT" We had a lesson with him and he is progressing towards baptism:) The tender mercies are truly all over this area. As we diligently serve and give ALL that we can the lord pours out his spirit to prepare the hearts and minds of these people... just as we did in the Book Of Mormon.. Alma 16:15-17. i love those couple of verses.
We also were able to have interviews with President Bonham this week. I love that man. HE is a very inspired mission president and was able to give me a lot of wonderful counsel and just told me everything that i needed to hear.
i do love this gospel. i love this church and i love learning and growing!
Things are great here!:) We are going to the devotional this Saturday with Elder Oaks with some of our investigators and then Elder Cardon:)
more to come next week:)
Love Sister Norton

sometimes we ride our bikes over the freeway and its just a blast

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