Monday, April 6, 2015

Everett! #13

WOW!  What a week that we have had, with new investigators that have been found, service projects that have been done and to end it all off with Conference:) Every talk was so inspiring and so amazing. Oh I sound so missionary, but I cant help it!:) I love the GOSPEL! There is so much to say and so much to do I just don't know where I can or where I should even begin.

I feel so spiritually fed and so great! We have been so busy here in Everett and I feel so lucky to be here. I keep telling my mission President.. President Bonham, thank you so much!

SO it is happening. Today was my very last transfer call. CAN YOU believe it. My last transfer is already here. HUH? I am staying with Sister Dalley in Everett. I am really happy that I will be finishing my mission here. I love everything about it. We have even started to bike more which is always great! I feel such a connection with each of our investigators and with all of the ward members. OH I love it. We were able to find a couple new investigators this week. One of them was just a miracle! Her husband is a less active member and he is wanting to come back to the church. When we knocked on the door he was in shock and said... "Well I guess this is the time for me to come back" Then he looked at us and told us that his wife was really interested. WE were able to have a great lesson with them and she is wanting to become a member! WHAT!? I have truly seen that as we have been OBEDIENT and worked as hard as we could even when times get hard the Lord blesses us. He is so aware of us and I know it.

Conference: WOW! AMAZING. There were so many great talks and so many neat and powerful things that were said. I loved the talk that was about the gospel and if it was still wonderful to us.
KEVIN W PEARSON gave a talk and told us that there is no one at any age that is immune to Satan's influence. It is always always there but there are always going to be things that we can do to win. They are simple and easy steps. Go to church, read your scriptures and say our prayers. These things are vital and we should be doing them. HOLD on to the TREE is what he stated and do NOT get lost. I loved when he said this. " Once you enter into covenants with God there is no going back" TRUE.
Conference made me want to be a better missionary but not only that a better daughter of God. There is a sweet peace that the gospel brings and when you have a firm testimony of it, it will not take away everything that we have to go through in this life but it will make it bearable.

I know I am a little all over the place. I hope you all will be able to understand what I am trying to say. There is work to be done and things to do and goals to be set. I love my purpose and I love who I have become. The refined me.

Love Sister Norton:)

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