Monday, April 13, 2015

What a day.....

long story.. I had my whole email typed up to you all and then sadly my Internet connection failed... yikes! I am pretty much out of time and yeah. I am SO SORRY! The worst part is that it was a pretty good email too! SO I will hurry and try to parapharse it. here we goooooo

We had such a week. Things are going great here in EVERETT.  We were able to go to the tulip festival today! It is up in MT. Vernon, and there are fields and fields of tulips EVERYWHERE. Sadly once we got up there they had all been cut off:( then to our surprise we were able to find a couple of tulip fields that had been hidden and they were BEAUTIFUL! Yellow:) it just makes ya happy. I love it here. Then we just rushed all over the place today. One thing that I love is to be busy. SO I really thing that the mission has been the best thing for me. I hate when we have down time... I really don't know what to do with myself.

Moving on. This past week I was able to finish the Book of Mormon again. It feels like such an accomplishment when you are able to read the entire Book of Mormon from cover to cover. I love that feeling!:) It has been so cool to read it over and over again and to always get something out of it. We are teaching someone at the moment that has been reading it but hasn't really gotten everything out of it they way that we would like him to, then it hit him like a ton of bricks he said, during our lesson he said. I know understand that if I am going to read the book of Mormon it will be a lot better for me to read it and to believe that it could be true.! YES! Now that he is doing that he is getting so much more out of it. I know that if we do that that we will as well. Not only are the stories in the Book of Mormon awesome but they are real and true.
I love love love this gospel! I love you all. I promise NEXT week will be better:)
Love, Sister Norton

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