Monday, April 27, 2015


hello hello!:) Another week has come and gone. WHAT!? weird. okay so lets go through the week.
1. Zone Conference: WOW. It is always a really good thing to see President and Sister Bonham and the mission family. I love the bond that we have as missionaries. Its just like we all understand each other even though we all come from very different backgrounds. I wish we could all be more like that. Just see each other how Heavenly Father sees us.:) It was great to receive instruction and to find out ways on how you can improve. That's another thing i love about being a missionary. I feel like i am constantly wanting to improve and be better. We talked a lot about obedience. and how it should be our quest and when it is it will no longer be irritation. I have come to know through personal experience that when i am exactly obedient God does bless me. Oh and then the missionaries who are going home get to bear their testimony. They pulled up the list of a couple of the names of some missionaries and my name was one of them. It was interesting to be the one up there bearing my testimony. It causes to reflect on all of your experiences and the ways you have grown, it was sad to say goodbye to some of the people that i love so much.

2. LYNNWOOD. exchanges. I feel so lucky. I was able to go on my last exchange in my second area. WOW. It was so interesting to be back there and to be working. I LOVED IT. I was there just one year ago and i feel so different and so much the same. I got to see Eric and Kathy for one last time. That was so neat, to be in there home one last time to teach the. Eric has now received the priesthood and has passed the sacrament. He's GLOWING.
3. Wedding. One time someone who is taking the lessons and trying to come back to church got married and we were invited to the wedding last minute. Its always a good thing when your bishop calls you and says.. "sisters, how close are you?!" haha We were able to get to the wedding right on time. We have been working with her and trying to help her get back to church. After the wedding she came up to us and said....SISTERS! I GET TO TAKE THE SACRAMENT! WOW. I think that is something we should all think about. are we like this women on Sunday morning? Do we think.. YES! today is the day i get to renew and remember the covenants i have made with God?!:) if not.. we should think of some ways we can improve. Because of what she said it has allowed me to really ponder what the sacrament means for me.
4. MIA: we were teaching Kennedy who was doing so awesome and loving everything and these past two weeks he has been MIA. We hope that we will be able to see him soon.
The Church is true. I know that we may hear that a lot in this church but i do know that it entails a lot. I love the gospel. I know that i have weakness but i know that through them i will be made strong. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!
Love, Sister Norton:) 

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