Monday, April 20, 2015

Can ye feel so now?

WOW. My thoughts are just EVERYWHERE. I am really thinking about all the wonderful things that I have been able to study this past week. I really hope that everyone will get at least something out of a this little missionary email.

First things first. Can you all believe it?! It happened. Yesterday I truly reached my 17th month mark? UH? I feel ummmmmmmmm weird. BUT SO GREAT. I love that I sort of finally understand what I am doing now. The feeling never ever gets old to walk up to a complete stranger and introduce myself as "Sister Norton" and explain to them my purpose and what I do. I feel so so happy! I think that a mission has been one of the best things for me for many reasons, I love having something to do and to always be busy, sharing the gospel, working with so many people, learning to love the gospel more than I ever thought that I could, studying the scriptures and conference talks etc. The list of reasons that I love a mission could really go on and on and on. The main reason I love it so much is because I have been just a simple tool or vessel for my Heavenly Father. I know a little bit more what Jesus Christ actually did for me and for all of us, and that is why I love being on a mission so much.

if you have not read Alma chapter 5. go read it:) BUT There is a great question that Alma asks each one of us...
 26 And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?

Conversion is what comes to mind when I read this particular verse. He is asking us after we have experienced that change of heart, can we actually feel it?
The gospel allows us to change. Its allows us to BECOME and to continue to BECOME who are Father in Heaven intends us to be. That is why I love being on mission. We teach so many people and it is so interesting to see them change even when they don't notice at all. Slowly but surely they begin to repent, and a light will come on in their heads and you just see it. I had such a hard time with PATIENCE. at first i just wanted them to take in everything that i had so that all their problems would be solved. Then i soon realized that i still had set backs, and trials and hardships and i had the gospel in my life. When i saw these people as God sees them things would always go better. I know that because i have the gospel in my life i can see the "BIG PICTURE" i see the eternal perspective and i have the end in mind, and i now have the end in mind for those that we teach and it is to make a promise with their father in heaven.
When asked the question... CAN YE FEEL SO NOW we should want to say YES:)

I have been loving everything that i have studied this week. I read another great talk by Jeffery Holland. He never disappoints. He gave a talk in October of 2012 called. The First and Great Commandment. as i was reading it I had to ask myself this question.. Do i Love the Lord and do i love the lord with all my heart and would i be willing to do ANYTHING for him. I would like to SAY YES! That is the challenge. Think about what you would do for the Lord.. and then DO IT. even if it is hard.

This week was... well it was a roller coaster. There are ups and there are downs. I am grateful for the companion that i have the people i am serving and the area i am in. Some things don't go as planned but i know that this is Gods work and that if we continue onward and work hard it will be great! FAITH FAITH FAITH!

Washington is great! it has been sunny for a solid 3 days now. LOVE IT!

love love love you all!
Sister Norton

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