Monday, February 2, 2015

WHIDBEY Island.. :)

GOOD MORNING!:) What a wonderful day it has been already and its only 11:30. I LOVE that. This morning we took the ferry to the island and we are now currently on South Whidbey Island. It almost reminds me of McCall Idaho with the beautiful Evergreen trees and then the lake.. but instead of the lake we are surrounded by the Ocean. Its so unbelievably GORGEOUS as we are emailing at the moment i am enjoying the peacefulness of the view that we have. I truly feel like i am in a different country. I LOVE it, and with all that being said it brings me so much happiness to know that this world that we live in is so beautiful and its Gods creation. It was made for US. To live and to grow and to be tested.
I will briefly go over the week. 
We had a great zone conference... seemed to last forever because all of the returning missionaries bear their testimonies and we are losing a lot of missionaries within the next weeks.. (Sister Johnson being one of them:() She is so much fun to serve, we make a great team:) I love how opposite we are but yet how similar we are as well. It just seems to work! 
then we were able to see the power of the book of Mormon come to life. We are teaching a man who is from Cambodia, and we were able to give him a copy of the book of Mormon in Cambodia. We went over for our lesson to see if he had been reading and that he had! We asked him how it had been going and he began to tell us EVERYTHING that he had been reading. I was so surprised from it all. My mouth dropped and all i could do was testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. IT is so true and it truly does bring us Closer to our Father in Heaven and to Jesus Christ. We then were able to meet with a newer investigator who accepted everything that we taught about the Book of Mormon and is very excited to read from it!
We found out that the McNamaras are very sick and that the father is still looking for a job that will allow him to come to church with his family. They were planning on coming to church yesterday because he got it off for the Superbowl but they were all sick. Whenever someone is doing something so good and trying their hardest to accept the gospel the adversary will work that much harder on them to pull them down. "don"t listen to satan"
WOW. I sometimes am still in shock that i am a missionary. That happened to me a couple times this past week. It is so neat to think that i know i am in the right place at the right time serving the people of Washington. I love love love missionary work. It requires everything that you have and at the end of the time it is so amazing to be able to account to the lord what we have done with his area. I know that i am just a voice for the Lord and that i am here to help them either come back on the path or find that path. The gospel is TRUE happiness, but that doesn't mean we do not have trials that test us. They allow us to stretch!
"the decision to change is your and yours alone" 
Let us all strive to remember our true purpose in this life and strive to become more like the savior in our thoughts and in our actions...
one more quote.. so sorry i have just been all over the place..
"the true success of the gospel of Jesus Christ will be measured by the spiritual strengthen of its individual members."
Love, Sister Norton:) 

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